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DHL To Standardize Warehouse Operations Globally

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DHL Express

DHL Express

An Introduction

DHL excels in international express, air and ocean shipments, road and rail transportation, contract logistics and international mail services. DHL has a hold in more than 220 countries, employing 275,000   people worldwide. But things haven’t stopped here.

The world’s largest logistics specialist, DHL, is now working on standardizing its warehouse management system globally. In order to make use of supply chain management technology in all its facilities, DHL has fixed a deal with US software firm RedPrairie Corporation.

RedPrairie Corporations’ Support To DHL

The RedPrairie Corporation will provide DHL with the Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Workforce Management (WFM) tools, a more simplified and cost effective approach to implementing the systems with supply chain customers, to help the firm improve the accuracy of its supply chain and boost product availability. This new deal is paving way for the expansion of the firm’s global framework.

Supply chain demands an accurate and reliable supply across all industries. Consistency of supply has always been of critical importance to the customers and industry leaders worldwide and DHL is the appropriate logistics solution provider that meets individual needs of industries. The use of this leading-edge WMS and WFM tools will helps DHL design effective supply chains and inventory holding systems which will help customers improve their market position.

What’s Next?

The prospective plan seems to have brought positivity among the employees. Alex Pilar, DHL Supply Chain’s CIO, added his valuable comment on the innovation plans. He said, “DHL’s expertise in designing and operating innovative supply chain solutions, together with utilizing RedPrairie’s quality tools, is bringing unique value to our customers across all sectors. Improving the ability to synchronize and optimize productivity in the warehouse and the workforce will enable DHL to continue to lead the way in meeting the increasingly complex global supply chain challenges our customers face every day.”

Martin Hiscox, RedPrairie president international said, “RedPrairie is proud to continue to expand its business relationship with the most respected logistics services provider in the world. With the world’s largest logistics network, DHL Supply Chain will be able to continue to take the lead in providing the highest levels of visibility and collaboration throughout its customers’ global supply chains using RedPrairie's WMS and WFM solutions.”

More About RedPrairie

RedPrairie has been one of the best breed supply chain, workforce and all channel retail solutions for more than 35 years. The firm has helped put commerce for the world’s leading companies in motion. RedPrairie has its presence in over 60,000 customer sites across more than 50 countries. RedPrairie works hard towards meeting its customers’ current and future demands. For this, it uses multiple delivery options, 24/7 technical and customer support and flexible work environments. The mission is to help ensure visibility and collaboration between manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumers.

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