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Denmark is The Happiest Country in The World
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Denmark’s standing as the most probable contender for the title of the happiest country in the world unsurprisingly invites much admired attention to the study of human happiness. The World Happiness Index has graded the happiest and least happy countries in the world since 2013 on its yearly list. Denmark tops the 2016 list. Denmark has received a massive amount of international consideration in recent years.

But, what makes Danes so happy?

Evaluated against people from other countries, Danes are less liable to own a version of the gene related to lower levels of life contentment. Another evidence comes from on hand research, suggesting a relationship between mental well-being and metamorphosis of the gene that influences human mood.

From the point of view of the intellectual literature on happiness, the response is very clear. Denmark is an epitome of social democratic approach to communal strategy. Indeed there are certainly many cultural and social features of the country that contribute to its high quality of life. However, the most significant reasons are the 2 distinctive features of social democracy: progressive communal strategies and a brawny labor movement.

"Denmark is so much happier than other countries"

According to study from the University of Warwick, genetics can be the key to determining a nation’s echelons of happiness. Economists at the University's Centre observed why few countries top the world happiness rankings. Researchers who observed survey data from 131 countries found that the closer a nation was genetically to Danes; the happier were their natives.

why is Denmark so happy

Denmark is a country with generous welfare states. Additionally there’s a government that is huge when measured by its GDP shares and labor market rules that are planned to safeguard workers. Unsurprisingly, its Scandinavian neighbors also enjoy parallel high levels of well-being.

Furthermore, Denmark enjoys such a high quality of life because of a futuristic government that efforts to govern in the interest of mundane citizens. Another credit goes to the vigorous and structured labor industry in the country.

Why is Denmark so Happy?

Quick Facts 

  • Danes identify their government as less fraudulent. Denmark grossed a "very clean" rating in 2015 on the Corruption Perception Index.
  • According to a recent World survey, 67% of Danes helped a stranger every month and 20% invest in charities.
  • Danish economics professor Christian Bjornskov of the authorized website of the Danish government states that money is not as significant as social life in Denmark. He further remarks a great thing about Danish society, that it doesn't judge other people's lives.
  • Denmark doesn't have the highest per capita GDP in the world, but it certainly comes in the top 10.
  • Minimum wages in Denmark are around $20 per hour. In addition to Danish unions explain strong workers' rights.
  • Health care is a universal right and basis of social support. But furthermore, Danes know how to efficiently utilize their health systems.
  • Denmark repeatedly ranks among the top 10 countries in a World Economic Forum's annual report that evaluates gender equality.
  • Danes don't prioritize social security and safety plainly to receive benefits. In fact, there's a real sense of cooperative responsibility and belonging.

Denmark – Fitness and biking Enthusiast’s Haven

The concept of Hygge

In Denmark's largest city, Copenhagen, bikes report for 50 percent of its residents' spree to school and work. Most travel happens on a bike in Copenhagen and that improvises fitness levels and reduces carbon emissions. Furthermore, it adds to the wealth of the city. As little as 30 minutes of daily biking contributes an average of 1-2 years to life expectancy of the city’s bikers.

The concept of ‘Hygge’

Danish people have made a norm to convert lemons into spiced mulled wine. Danes put a positive attitude on their culture with the concept of Hygge. Whilst some would define it as cultivated luxury, Hygge is often a good weapon in skirmishing the dull darkness that occurs in the Nordic country every winter. This happiest country in the world is actually a place where sun shines less than seven hours during the peak of winters. This level of darkness can likely stir depression and sad feelings. Thus the conception of a relaxed scene, full of love and extravagance, can help to alleviate few of the season's nastiest psychosomatic effects. Moreover, strong social connections and many decadent foods associated with Hygge such as chocolate, coffee and wine are mood boosters.

Henceforth it can be concluded that quality of life in Denmark is high. Furthermore social life is great and their political bubble seems to be functioning well. In addition to, the cities are gorgeous. There’s no more questioning on the fact – Denmark is the happiest country in the world. In it’s true sense Denmark indeed provides a helpful map to a better society.

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  • @evarichardson says:

    Hi Christy,

    Thank you for this article. I absolutely enjoyed reading it. Yes, Denmark is the happiest place country in the world by all means.

    PS: I live in Denmark 🙂

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