Criminals of Jaguar Auto Theft make $3.75 Billion within Six Minutes
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It’s always fun to watch movies belonging to the action genre in which an actor conducts a robbery with ease within a few minutes. While watching this, one usually has the thought that such a robbery looks easy only in movies and is impossible to happen in real life. But a recent robbery seems like a scene of one of these movies. On Tuesday night, one such theft took place in England. The Jaguar auto theft occurred at the Lode Lane plant situated in Solihull. It apparently happened at around 10.30 p.m. in full scrutiny of the security cameras installed at the factory.

The masterminds behind the Jaguar auto theft drove up to the factory in the dark of the night in a stolen semi-truck and robbed engines worth around $3.75 billion. A Jaguar representative confirmed this news through an official statement. He stated that the company is working closely with the West Midlands Police to investigate the Jaguar auto theft. There is a reward for anyone who can provide information about the theft at the Solihull manufacturing plant to the police if it leads to successful recovery of the engines. The company has refused to make any further comment till the investigation is under process.

Jaguar auto theft

The Jaguar auto theft took place on Tuesday.

How did the Jaguar auto theft take place

The thieves entered the Solihull manufacturing plant in a stolen HGV lorry in a heist through a security-manned gate. They connected the lorry to a trailer containing the engines and left the facility within six minutes. All they did was hooked up the trailer to the lorry and simply drove off. The criminals performed this action twice that night with the help of the same lorry. The Jaguar representative also said that the company is unable to comprehend that how the robbery happened despite the security measures.

Sources have revealed that the lorry drove out through the gates at D1 and went to the Lagoons depot. The driver showed yellow documents to the security guards on their way out. This resulted in the security breach. This incident signifies that the plant is not as secure as it should be. Earlier in the past, a Jaguar auto theft had occurred in the same fashion. At that time, the company had lost parts worth $1.2 million and five people got convicted for the crime. The trailers that were stolen recently have been recovered by the police but were found empty.

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