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Cradle Charity App Wants to Help You Make Donations with Zero Profit Intentions
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U.S is seeing a surge in the charity giving trend for some years now. In 2015, charity giving summed up to almost $373.25 billion which was about 4 percent more than 2014, according to the figures from Givingusa’s infographic. It mentions that America’s most generous year was 2015. Just how you want to help by giving charity, the Cradle charity app wants to help you in doing charity.

Cradle was presented at the Disrupt Hackathon in New York, by Philippe Suter, Erik Wittern, and Gesina Gudehus-Wittern, reports TechCrunch. This trio is made up of two software developers and one brand manager. Cradle is an app which helps an individual in identifying the different kinds of causes he may like to support. It then gives out a list of the potential and relevant charities; and also helps in figuring out the amount for charity. Not only this, Cradle also sets up the payments for charity.

Cradle Charity App Concept

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As TechCrunch reports, the growth in communications also bring challenges. Individuals now get widespread options for donations, and various organizations easily reach potential donors with the help of internet. When Gudehus-Wittern and her husband, Erik Wittern wanted to donate more to charities but could not find a platform apt for evaluating all the options and setting up donations, the idea of Cradle was born.

Gudehus Wittern says that charity giving felt like a process which becomes more complicated when people want to help quickly. Saying that there are many charities one can give to, she also added that the founders of Cradle charity app do not see it as a replacement to get more involved. For them, it is just a way to make financial contribution in a specific way.

Not Just another Charity Giving Platform

cradle charity appCradle charity app is unique in its own way as this is not just another charity giving platform. This platform is also the one where you can figure out the type of charity you want to support; like for example medical related, homeless programs, etc. Eventually Cradle charity app helps you discover and find out a suitable option.

Yes, there are sites like Charity Navigator, Global Giving, etc. that help like directories for donations. What makes Cradle charity app different is that it’s a very streamlined app. Cradle app lets the users navigate and discover things, and do almost everything quickly and efficiently on their smartphones itself.

Cradle App has Zero profit Intentions

The app also helps users stay connected with their chosen causes and charities with its subscribing options to their social feeds and various other services. Wittern says that sustained donations are a big problem for charities, and this is the way that helps cultivating the same. Users don’t end up receiving unsolicited messages as the app also gives various options about how to engage with the charities in future.

Cradle charity app has already made its initial list which will be expanded over time. Even though, the religious category accounted for almost 32 percent of the total charity giving, Cradle has not touched that area of donations yet. As it has issues regarding ideologies, Cradle app has left this category on one side for now; as reported by TechCrunch.

Wittern also mentions that their cradle app team wants to be extremely transparent. They will certainly charge a minor fee for covering the operations and making the payment transactions. But this is a fixed fee catering to the basic costs for transaction and the team has no intentions for profits from the Cradle charity app at this point.

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