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Coyote Logistics – Going the Extra Mile

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Jeff Silver

Jeff Silver

Coyote Logistics is a third-party logistics company founded by Jeff Silver. Jeff is an MBA graduate of the University of Michigan, and is based in Chicago, Illinois. Jeff Silver founded Coyote Logistics on April 1, 2006. Coyote Logistics is the fastest growing logistics company in the United States of America.

Jeff Silver spent 15 years at American Backhaulers, a Chicago freight brokerage. When the company was sold, he wanted to try his hand at replicating its success. After earning a master's degree from MIT and an M.B.A. from the University of Michigan, Silver founded Coyote Logistics in 2006. The company specializes in fleet backhaul: using its customers' trucks to carry loads for other clients on return trips, so that fewer trucks travel empty. It has expanded its network by acquiring two companies.

Coyote provides dry, refrigerated and flatbed TL, LTL, IMDL, and logistics management services to Shippers competing in a variety of industry sectors including food and beverage, forest products, metals, plastics, consumer products, and government services. Coyote Logistics brings to the market an increasingly dense North American network of asset-based Carriers and diversified Shippers that businesses of all sizes can tap into.

Coyote was born to bring a new life to the logistics industry. Coyote is the fastest growing logistics company in the U.S. for a reason. Coyote’s network density allows the firm to identify more efficient shipping alternatives that many Customers are not able to find on their own. Coyote believes in treating their business like it’s their own so that the customers can focus their time, energy, and resources on product development, Customer Service, and growing their business. Coyote does so while providing full end-to-end shipment visibility through a suite of web-based tracking and reporting tools.

Coyote currently holds the records for the fastest growing 3PL on record in transportation following the acquisitions of Integra Logistics and General Freight Services. After dominating the 3PL logistics industry in the 1980s and 90s with American Backhaulers, Inc., the second largest North American freight brokerage, Jeff Silver took a 5-year hiatus to pursue an MBA from Michigan as well as a Masters in Engineering and Logistics from MIT. He returned to the scene in 2006 and started Coyote.

Jeff Silver said, “We are a team – Everyone is working together to win the game. Not working against each other, but competing together.”

Jeff Silver says, “Coyote owes most of its success, , to its intensive training program.”

When Coyote started in 2006, the industry was stuck with a few complacent providers at the top. We decided this was our opportunity to do it better. Coyote shows people that a 3PL can have a voice, a face, and a name.

Coyote recruits the best of the best, trains them like no one else in the industry, and enables them to get it done right. They believe it’s the only way to do business. Coyote doesn’t sleep. Coyote doesn’t stop. Jonathan Sisler, Coyote’s CFO believes, “When we say we are going to do it, we will get it done, no excuses.”

Coyote eats your problems so you don’t have to. Their homegrown technology is a game changer for the logistics industry. Coyote is where solutions are born.

Coyote’s tenacity means that your business is in good hands. They take pride in what they do. Never quitting or making up excuses. It’s what drives them forward. And they’ll drive you forward with them too.

Jonathan Sisler says, “We are building one of the fastest growing networks in the U.S. How are we doing this? We show up every day and pour every little bit of ourselves into everything we do.”

Marianne Silver, the chief human resource officer says, “Coyote’s Mantra defines and refines the way the company functions. We are tenacious in spirit. Relentless and unwavering in our goals. We are bold in thought and decisive in action. We think smart, create smart, get smart done. We are changing the meaning of ‘broker’ forever. We are re-inventing the logistics experience. We always ‘do the right thing’ and are true to our word. We are family, we are a tribe. Growing and performing like no other in our industry. We are ever moving. We are ‘all year’ round. We are every hour, minute and second. We are driving forward with unstoppable force. We are Powerful Momentum".

It’s a cliché, but it’s true. They work hard. They play hard. Going to work shouldn’t be a grind. It should be something to look forward to. The culture and work environment at Coyote is important to the company. They make sure that their employees come to work happy, enjoy what they do, and work with friends rather than colleagues.


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