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Corporate Blogging Tips for Industry Leaders
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Corporate Blogging Tips

Corporate Blogging

It's been shown that companies that blog have over 400 percent more indexed pages versus those that don't. Indexed pages are those that are cataloged by search engines, so corporate blogging, when done right, can boost your search engine rankings and generate more leads for your company.

Here are few tips on getting started with corporate blogging, and how to do corporate blogging well:

Leave Out the PR

Selling and marketing and PR are great, but your corporate blog isn't the place for that. Corporate blogging is supposed to be a conversation between the blogger and the reader, and ought to offer real information, analysis, and opinions about your industry and what your customers care about. For example, if you're a solar energy company, you could blog about the economic benefits of solar energy, or the growth of the industry over the past five years. If you're a winery, you could blog about how to taste wine, or how to store wine properly. It may tempting to talk all about your latest product, but don't do it.

Open Your Website to Comments

Think of corporate blogging as an opportunity to perform customer service, and engage in conversation, as previously mentioned. The best way to have that conversation and customer service happen when corporate blogging is through the comments section. Yes, there is always the possibility that someone will leave something defamatory, or that spammers will do their thing, but those are things a corporate commenting policy can control. When the legitimate comments come in, this is perfect time for your bloggers to respond with courtesy and professionalism, and maybe learn a thing or two on how to improve yourΒ  business. And, DO respond to all comments.

Promote Your Blog

If you're already highly engaged in corporate blogging, then the next question is: how are you promoting the blog? There's a lot more you can do than have a link on your home page and share the posts through your social media channels. Have you considered adding the url to company business cards and in the signature of company emails? Have you considered sharing specific blog posts more than once? This is a crucial step if you utilize social media to amplify your blog. Not everyone will see the blog post when you tweet or share it the first time. So, don't be afraid to share specific posts more than once.

Publish Diverse Content

When corporate blogging, make sure to try different types of posts and different bloggers. If all you do is write informative articles, that can get pretty boring. Try doing lists once in a while, or shorter posts to compliment a photo or video. Interview other industry leaders, or have other industry leaders contribute to your blog once in a while. Other formats to experiment with include how-to articles, breaking news articles (with a pertinent spin on your industry, of course), and articles that review industry relevant products and services.

If you're an industry leader that's NOT corporate blogging, then you might not be an industry leader for long. Corporate blogging improves your company's findability online, and it adds a human face to the company. You're missing out on a tremendous opportunity if your not corporate blogging, because you're competitors probably are corporate blogging, and there's too many benefits to corporate blogging in order to write it off as a waste of time.

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