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Blog Ideas

Blog Ideas

One of the biggest pitfalls that corporate blogs run into is making the blog all about them. Although it's great to publish company news from time to time, if that's all you're doing, you're going to miss out on a terrific opportunity to position yourself as an industry leader through your corporate blog. Here are a few blog ideas that will help turn your blog from something all about the company, to something that provides great information to readers and potential customers:

Blog Idea #1 - Make a Prediction about Industry News

This is a great blog idea for a B2B corporate blog. If there's some big trends going on in your industry, then make a prediction about them (the beginning of the new year is an optimum time for these types of posts). Make a prediction about what will be big in 2012 or on how new relevant legislation will affect the industry. These types of posts show that you're paying attention to your industry, which enables industry leaders to be ahead of the curve and on top of the trend.

Blog Idea #2 - Create a List of Upcoming Events

If there are a lot of expos, trade shows, and speaking engagements that take place that are relevant to your industry, then make a list of upcoming lists for your corporate blog. This list doesn't necessarily have to be events that the company will be attending, but such a list is also informative to readers. As a side note, readers like lists in general, similar to the format of this article.

Blog Idea #3 - Critique, or Respond, to Someone Else's Post

Not only does offer a great opportunity for a backlink, which helps with search engine rankings, but it shows that you're aware of what others in your industry are saying, and that you're corporate blog has your opinions too. A critique or a response post is an excellent way to draw some readers of your target audience, and could induce the other blogger to respond to your response, providing a backlink and increasing the reach of your own corporate blog.

Blog Idea #4 - Conduct an Interview

This doesn't necessarily have to be an interview with someone from your company, but even an interview with one of your best customers, or to someone who's influential in your industry would be really great as well. Once the interview is finished, you can post it as a Q&A, a video, a podcast, or a profile of the person you interviewed.

Blog ideas and corporate blog posts can take a variety of shapes and sizes. Keep of the diversity and make it interesting for your readers and potential customers. Talking about the same things over and over again is boring. And yes, even talking about yourself over and over again in the corporate blog is boring. Utilize these four blog ideas and you'll be sure to maintain your status as an industry leader and keep the attention of your readers and potential customers.

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  • James Debono says:

    As with any form of marketing or promotion the key is to understand exactly what the customer “needs” and give it to them in abundance.

    as the article correctly suggests to be seen as an industry leader you have to provide true value to your readership.

    Evergreen, quality content on a regular basis will stop blogs going down the route of looking like the standard corporate brochure.

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