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A Personal Guide to Your Confidence Boosting Checklist for Professional Success!
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You may have observed how some can be absolutely comfortable in any situation and others hardly speak up. For once, in social or professional situation, you may have been amazed by the confidence one person must have projected. You obviously rationalized your lack by concluding that the very person will be an extrovert. But stop trying to sympathize yourself and accept the truth. That person is not an extrovert. He or she is plain simple confident. This is something that you can develop too. And following a confidence boosting checklist will make that easier.

Thoughts and feelings translate to behaviors and noticeable expressions that actually limelight just how uncertain you may be feeling at times. And regrettably, low self-confidence is a bleak quality for professional success. No matter how smart you are or how ingenious your ideas may be. This may be the very reason for success to be so enigmatic at work.

Getting to the key question: How to be confident?

Understanding what institutes confidence can help you own it. Following is a quick personal guide to your confidence boosting checklist. This will also help you recognize where your confidence levels reside.


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Are you able to express what you want to, to the person you want to and in the way you want? If that sounds confusing read again and again till you get the gist of it. A brutal, harsh but honest truth – if you don’t get along with people you don’t belong at any work. Do you feel you are engaged with others at work or you feel isolated and estranged? If your answer is the latter it’s time to work on your confidence and self-esteem.

Get your interpersonal skills working and make them your assets. Start communicating in a way that evokes positive interests and support of the people you deal with. Start small though. The ability to get things done is directly proportional to your ability to the quality of your communication. So open that tied tongue and start communicating.


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What is your first thought when you look at yourself in the mirror? Do you pick on your physical attributes or mentally call yourself a looser or naΓ―ve? Again, if the answer is yes, time to introduce some potential affirmations.

Firstly describe your ideal self. What qualities of a confident person make you encounter him and term him confident? Envision those qualities in yourself even if they don’t resonate with you for now. If that gets too difficult in the beginning, start some simple affirmations. β€˜I am confident’, β€˜I can get things done’, β€˜I live with dignity’ and so on and so forth. They may sound old school and silly. Trying it for once may actually make you believe how simple things can really work. We are always our own worst critic. Rather than focusing on what you do wrong, focus on the good bits. It is impossible to be confident if we are habitually harsh at ourselves. Now build a belief pattern for your inner voice to empower and mobilize you.

Creation and contribution

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Do you have a current tangible evidence of your talents or you have left them to your procrastination excuses? Most of us have abandoned activities that gave us opportunities to excel. If you haven’t been putting your talents to use, your confidence has probably taken a back seat because you lack the frequent proof of your capability. So get your mind wheeling on your creative aspects.

The next question to ask is are you really making a difference? Knowing that you are a potential contributing member at work gives you an unconditional sense of worth. If in your subconscious you know your count, you have a strong base of confidence that you will carry with yourself.


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It is now clear that the more you respect yourself, the more confidently you emphasize yourself. And make sure you are getting what you want and deserve from your life. It’s time to start recognizing your fears and learning how to embrace them. Surely, even confident people have fears. They just find a way to deal with them by taking action no matter what.

Do you find yourself holding back when trying something new or challenging? Indeed that’s normal. But giving in to your concerns will simply make you unenthusiastic to venture outside your comfort zone. And it’s not unknown that nobody can progress while being in their comfort zone. So say β€˜yes’ to life by refusing to be paralyzed by anxieties. Remember, personal growth is a result of taking smart risks and taking action is the solution to fear.



If you feel like a victim in life, it will be difficult to like yourself or your life. The more in-charge you are the more respect you have for yourself. It’s unrealistic to think to be totally aware of anything and everything. Research suggests that inspite of an unsatisfactory life, you can have self-respect by being dynamically involved in chasing one significant personal goal. Be actively engaged in some meaningful activity that makes up for your miserable circumstances. Learn to when and where say β€˜no’. Be aware that intolerable situations are temporary and part of a bigger plan in life. This will give you a healthy regard of yourself and ultimately prove confidence boosting even in tough times.

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