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Comcast Appoints Charlie Herrin as Senior VP of Customer Experience
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Comcast renowned for its reputation of providing awful customer service is doing everything to change its image. Right from its customer service representatives to technicians who rarely arrive on time, to their service which gets disrupted for no apparent reason, Comcast has a whole lot of reasons that practically call for a major change. It seems that Comcast is finally taking steps in the right direction by welcoming one important change.

Comcast today announced that it has promoted Charlie Herrin as the new senior vice president of ''customer experience''.

โ€œOur customers deserve the best experience every time they interact with us,โ€ writes Comcast Cable CEO Neil Smit. โ€œWhile weโ€™ve made progress, we need to do a better job to make sure those interactions are excellent from the moment a customer orders a new service, to the installation, to the way we communicate with them, to how we respond to any issues.โ€

โ€œThe way we interact with our customers โ€“ on the phone, online, in their homes โ€“ is as important to our success as the technology we provide,โ€ he added. โ€œPut simply, customer service should be our best product. Our customers deserve the best and we need to work harder to earn their trust and their business every day by exceeding their expectationsโ€.

Charlie Herrin has formerly worked in product design and technology so maybe Smit accepts that he can bring some innovative critical thinking to the companyโ€™s fights against a shoddier reputation. Smit has obviously requested Herrin to "rethink the customer encounter and guarantee that we are enchanting our clients at each one touch point."

As a matter of fact, Herrin has a difficult, but not impossible task ahead.

Comcastโ€™s poor customer service complaints started emerging online when one frustrated customer released a recording of a Comcast customer service representative declining to give him a chance to stop his service. The recording turned into a web sensation over a few months ago, with a large number of complaints from annoyed customerโ€™s started pouring in massive amount. Things truly began to take a bad turn when Comcast purportedly issued one Chicago customer a $1,000 early termination free.

It is quite odd that Comcast has still remained in business, even after receiving a long list of complaints. Obviously their monopoly over the market has benefited them, however, now it seems that Smit needs to change their reputation and restore customerโ€™s faith in them again for stay in the longer run.

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