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Combat Robots Will Outnumber Human Soldiers in the US Army by 2025
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The US army is determined to increase its efficiency level with the help of artificial intelligence technology. It is estimated that by the year 2025, the US army will have more combat robots than human soldiers. This can be a huge breakthrough for theΒ US as it will save human lives and prove to be beneficial for the protection of the country. Approximately thousands of such robots will be a part of the US army by the end of the next decade.

Combat robots as soldiers of the US army

John Bassett is a former UK intelligence officer and currently works as a security consultant. Bassett mentioned the attempts of US to employ thousands of combat robots in their army at a counter-terrorism meeting in London. He is considered to be an expert in this field as he has 20 years of experience in GCHQ as well.

A majority of these combat robots mightΒ be trucks, which can drive themselves with special in-built artificial intelligence software. This will enable the army to reduce the number of accidents caused by vehicles falling off cliffs. These vehicles will be more efficient on the road than any other manually-driven vehicles, claims Bassett.


This is the first time that the US army is using anΒ independent robotic equipment. It has already been used by the US Navy as well as the Air Force. The Navy uses the artificial intelligence in the form of autonomous ships whereas Air Force uses it as drones. The US Navy also achieved a milestone in the robotics department in April 2016 as its very first self-piloting ship was launched. This ship is designed to hunt down submarines of the enemy. On the other hand, drones are useful to disrupt terrorist groups in remote areas. The human beings at the bases control all such robotic equipment.

Impact of robotics on military services

Robots are gaining popularity in various military organisations. The biggest plus point of robots in the military is that they can perform risky tasks which are almost impossible for the humans. This means that a robot is capable enough to perform missions in any unreachable areas of the field without causing any danger to human lives. Along with this, the robots are sturdier than humans. This means that they can withstand damage, unlike humans. Due to such factors, there is a higher probability of success even in dangerous environments.

There is an observation by experts that some robots are semi-autonomous in certain ways. To put it differently, such robots have the ability to find power sources on their own to recharge themselves. This is beneficial during a war as the robots can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and can also sustain themselves. Some of them have the ability to select the target and attack accordingly. But there is a constant fear of the misuse of these robots as they are capable of causing mass destruction. Therefore it is important that this technology is in responsible hands.

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