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Christmas 2015 Holiday Tech Guide

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Christmas 2015 Holiday Tech Guide

We have made our list. Have you? Welcome to Industry Leaders Magazines’ Christmas 2015 Holiday Tech Guide. Technology ideas for Christmas 2015 gifts and decorations amongst various other things will be soaring high in demand this season. Christmas is here. From motion picture games to Smart Homes Ideas, to Wearable Tech Gadgets, there are so many things included in our Christmas 2015 Holiday Tech Guide.

Tis’ is going to be the Tech Christmas 2015!

Whether you are a relative, office colleague, family friend, or parent, and whatever price suits your pockets, you are spoiled for the option when it comes to presenting your dear ones with tech-related stuff. The list we have comprised for Christmas 2015 Holiday Tech Guide includes the digital accessories, which are top picks amongst the shoppers. Have a look.



Ather cone

Price: $399

What could be better than presenting your dear ones with a Wi-Fi speaker, that sort of thinks! Tap on the button located at the centre of the speaker, or talk to it, and it will start streaming either Stitcher for podcasts and radio, or Rdio for music. If you do not like it, spin it. Simple!



Toshiba Chromebook 2

Price: $330

Toshiba Chromebook 2 is the perfect gift if you want to present someone with a laptop and turn their holiday season into an exciting Tech Christmas 2015. This is basically a cloud-based system, which has been stripped down to including only the essential elements. This Chromebook will provide you a rich pixel density of 1080p with a 13.3-inch IPS display having broad angle views and a great contrast. The laptops arrive loaded with speakers from the masters itself- Skullcandy, which delivers a great sound experience.

#Wearable Technology


Tomtom runner cardio

Price: $270

Health is wealth, and when you decide to present your dear ones with some wearable that could effectively help them in maintaining a healthier lifestyle, this idea is just perfect for you. It measures the blood flow via wrist and gives you the accurate blood-pressure measurement. This is one of the most high-tech monitors for measuring heart-rate that doesn’t require a strap.



Polaroid cube

Price: $100

Do you know any person in your circle that is fond of collecting cameras and pictures? This gift is perfect for that person. The lightweight and ultra-small camera have a design to appeal. This pretty little thing can be used for snapping great pictures, as a dashboard cam, and capturing videos with HD resolution. It is a great gadget for capturing POV shots while in a pool party or a vacation.


Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator Animation Studio 


Price: $100

There are millions of kids who love playing this game. They also love watching online videos, which were created using Minecraft by YouTubers like The Diamond Minecart and Stampy. This Minecraft Stop kit aim to transform children into storytellers. It is a set of miniature characters and props, which can be arranged and placed according to one’s needs to make a stop-motion short film using a free app for iOS and Android. Interesting! Isn’t it?

So, these were our ideas for Christmas 2015 Holiday Tech Guide. What are yours? Have you made a list already? Hurry up, Christmas is here. Online sites like Amazon and various other local websites will be available for instant delivery. Go grab your pick and make your dear ones happy.

Merry Christmas!

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