How Chocolate is becoming the Latest Party Drug
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We have often justified our cravings for chocolate by listing down its advantages on our physical as well as mental health. Many studies have proven that cocoa powder, in particular, can bring down cholesterol levels and instantly light up one’s mood by affecting the mental situation of the individual. This is mainly why we have chocolate cravings when we are feeling low. As a kid, you might have jokingly stated that chocolate is your drug. What if we tell you that this joke has become a reality? The next big party you attend will have a table dedicated to snort chocolate instead of the regular toxic drugs. Well, it seems that now it is literally possible to be addicted to chocolate.

As the trend of rave parties is being adapted by teenagers and millennials from all over the world, the intake of toxic drugs is also at an all-time high. Even though they are made illegal by a majority of the countries, people get their hands on them by hook or crook. To put an end to such addictions, Coco Loko is out in the market. This chocolate powder gives you a buzz in a drug-free manner. All one has to do is know how to snort chocolate like any other drug and wait for the powder to kick in.

Snort chocolate

Coco Loko is produced by a company in Orlando, Legal Lean.

Why would anyone snort chocolate?

Anyone’s first reaction on asking to snort chocolate would be a nice hearty laugh. The idea of snorting chocolate powder seems like a game for a kid’s birthday party. Even the founder of Coco Loko initially had the same reaction. Coco Loko is produced by a company in Orlando, Legal Lean. The founder, Nick Anderson came up with this idea when he heard about a chocolate snorting trend in Europe. Out of curiosity, he ordered such a kit and gave it a try. At first, he thought that it was a hoax as the high actually kicked in. This is when he thought that this trend could curb the drug problem to quite an extent. This motivated him to invest $10,000 for creating raw cacao stuff independently.

In order to reach the final mixture, it took the company more than two months and ten tries. The final mixture consists of cacao powder, gingko biloba, guarana, and taurine. A majority of these ingredients can be found in energy drinks. When consumed all at once, it simply accelerates the kick of an energy drink. Once you snort chocolate, its effect lasts for about half an hour to an hour. The only drawback is that the Food and Drug Administration has not yet approved it as nobody knows how it would affect one’s health. Even though the product has not got its license yet, it is available on Amazon at the price of $24.99 for ten servings. It is already popular in the hip hop community. Once a proper study is conducted on it, people won’t be this cautious before trying it.

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