Charming Scottish island might be yours for £2.5m
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Tanera Mòr

Tanera Mòr

Have you ever imagined yourself living on your own beautiful island where you would simply take time to smell the roses? The unforgettable views would accompany you every day while the sea breeze would delicately winnow your hair. You have a chance to buy a snap of the paradise as a charming Scottish island is on the market for £2.5 million.

Frankly, it is not an exorbitant price for owning an island which has its own input in film history as it has been an afflatus for spine-chilling horror film The Wicker Man. Tanera Mòr, which is the island up for sale for modest £2.5 million, might become yours - just use your imagination and money. And the fact is that this largest and only inhabited island in Summer Isles archipelago will be regarded as your symbol of opulence as not many can glory in owning their own private island.

Tanera Mòr – piece of picturesque Scottish lands

There is no question that Tanera Mòr can enchant you with its beauty and fairytale views. And if you can spare this amount of money  £2.5 million, you might then boast about the ownership of the undeniably largest and interestingly the only inhabited island in the Summer Isles archipelago off Scotland’s west coast. If you decide to own 800 acres of an astonishingly beautiful piece of Scotland, you will be also a proud owner of six apartments and your own post office where you will be able to issue stamps! More importantly, the bucolic picture of Tanera Mòr, the island which you might buy, is not spoiled by roads so you will be able to forget about the noise of the contemporary life.

The owners of the island, the Wilder family, have been always faithful and dedicated to the idea of preserving its unique ecosystem. And this aim of theirs has been indeed successful as their tourism business has been blooming.

Interestingly, the Wilder family wanted to sell the island to the Coigach Community, showing their dedication  the region's welfare,  yet nothing came out of these plans. Hence the owners made a tough decision and put their small fragment of the Scottish paradise up for sale on the open market. That is why you can become a proud owner of Tanera Mòr faster than you think.

The new owner will probably see a great support from the local community as Tanera Mòr is, indeed, very important to the region due to profound social and economic ties.

Ready to own Scottish island?

The fact is that on the market you can find many islands up for sale. You can simply pick over as there are so many sizes, locations and other features of all available islands. But the fact is that it is really hard to find a Scottish island on the market and this kind of an offer will is not likely to be repeated in the near future! John Bound of CKD Galbraith underlined while commenting on the offer: 'With on-going support and commitment from the local Coigach community, Tanera Mòr offers a truly fantastic prospect for interested parties who will very much have the island’s heritage and sustainability at heart as well as a fantastic life style.'

So if you want to own and maybe even live on an island, go for it. The fragment of you own Scottish paradise might be just waiting for you.

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