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ChargePoint Raises $82 Million for e-Mobility in Europe

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ChargePoint is a company providing charging points in North America to EV drivers. It has over 33,000 charging points making it easy for the EV (electric vehicle) drivers to recharge their vehicles anywhere. More than 6500 companies and over a thousand drivers have selected ChargePoint to fulfill their EV charging needs.

Many companies opt for this brand to provide a smooth experience in EV driving to their employees and customers. ChargePoint is now working towards providing an effortless charging experience to the EV drivers of Europe also.

ChargePoint Announces $83 Million Funding for its Europe Expansion

ChargePoint station

During the first round of this multi-million dollar fundraise; ChargePoint has announced an initial funding of $82 million. This fundraise which is led by Daimler, is recorded to be the largest in the history of this Silicon Valley company. This investment of $82 million will support the expansion of ChargePoint’s services and its charging network in Europe. This will enable Europe to shift towards e-mobility.

Other participators of this fundraising round were existing investors like Braemar Energy Ventures, Linse Capital, Rho Capital Partners and BMW i Ventures. Till date, ChargePoint has raised a whopping amount of more than $255 million. With the electrification of more vehicles like buses and trucks, this funding will help ChargePoint deliver its collective commitment to electric mobility worldwide.

The CEO of ChargePoint, Pasquale Romano has pointed out that the automobile industry is at an inflection point with more vehicles offering highly advanced powertrains compared to any other time in the history of the world. He also said that this significant investment lays the groundwork for Europe’s biggest charging network.

ChargePoint on the Way to Success

For every aspect of an EV driver’s routine which includes from home to work, ChargePoint is the only company offering a complete charging solution. The product portfolio states that ChargePoint will meet various needs of drivers and offer innovation for each market in Europe. The EV charging experts have engineered various ChargePoint hardware and software solutions to make charging easy for drivers.

It has made managing easy for station owners by providing smart features like pricing and reporting tools and custom access controls amongst others. In addition to this expansion, the Silicon Valley company will continue to build on its activities in North America. It will do this by promoting EV-friendly policies via partnerships with automakers, utilitymakers, and policymakers in Europe.

Along with this ChargePoint has also made another announcement. It has appointed Axel Harries, Daimler AG executive to the company’s Board of Directors.

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