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These changes in your Workspace can boost your Productivity
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In this digital world, you might think that the physical environment of your office does not make any difference. How you work and your productivity at work are highly impacted by your workspace.

The study says that the most crucial factor in concluding employee’s ability to concentrate on his work is the physical environment of the office. Even when people do not consider the office interiors or design as an important aspect, a well-designed workplace can enhance productivity by 20%. Some of the color schemes or design make us more productive than others.

Here are some of the changes that you can make to your workspace to boost your productivity whether you work in a company office or a home office:

Use a convertible desk

Changing your posture instead of constantly sitting at the same place can help you focus on your work and stay active. So, you can use a convertible desk that will allow you to turn your desk into a sitting or a standing one. Simply changing your postures can improve your health as well as your attention span.

Work in proper lighting

Lighting is the most undervalued factor of your working space. You may fail to consider the importance of proper lighting, as bad lighting can be a reason for eyestrain, headaches, fatigue and overall tetchiness. If you work in a company office, you cannot control much of the lighting. Working in natural light is one of the best alternatives.

Get two screens

If you are using a single monitor, try using dual monitors instead. This will improve your productivity more than you expect, as it makes it easier to open multiple windows at the same time as compared to switching between windows. But, remember that two screens are idyllic, more than two are not because it will give you a hard time in finding your data and will end up being a distraction.

Get rid of clutter

Clutter can help the creative minds to create new things, but it is bad for productivity and focus. You need to keep your desk clean and get rid of all the stuff that you don’t require. Make sure that your documents are properly organized and your data is stored in a findable place. Spare around 10 minutes to keep your workspace organized, which will result in increased productivity.

Bring in some nature

After all, we are biological creatures, so the presence or the lack of nature affects our ability to accomplish tasks. Including some natural aspects in our office is important for our psychological and physiological functioning. If your company office does not have open windows, you can keep pictures of something natural as your wallpaper or screensaver, or even better if you simply take a plant at your office and make it a part of your desk. It’ll make you happier, less stressed and more productive.

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