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Chan Zuckerberg Initiative raises $3 Billion for a disease-free future
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The Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg along with his wife Dr. Priscilla Chan has launched an initiative, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. This is a charitable foundation founded last year in the honor of their daughter Maxima. Priscilla Chan is a pediatrician by profession. Being one of the richest couples of the world, they want this money to be used for a good cause. This organization announced on Wednesday that it’ll spend $3billion over the next decade. This fund is in order to find cures for as many diseases as possible. The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative focuses its global efforts on four areas which are personalized learning, curing disease, connecting people and forming strong communities.

The ideology behind this initiative

Dr. Priscilla Chan made this announcement at the project’s launch event in San Francisco. Sharing her thoughts, she says that this project is to make lives healthier of their daughter’s generation. Apparently, the belief is that it is possible within this lifetime. The company is partnering with doctors, scientists and engineers to achieve this goal. This program hopes to make all diseases treatable or at least easily manageable by the end of the 21st century. The human society spends 50 times more on treating people than on finding cures. This initiative focuses on finding a cure as it’s a long-term solution for the diseases. Mark Zuckerberg believes that all diseases can be cured, prevented or managed by the end of this century. Similarly, this project will work on the same. The company will provide the necessary funding and infrastructure to the scientists so that they can work effectively.


Current targets of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s first donation will be a $600 million investment in a project called Biohub. This will be an independent research center at the University of California in San Francisco. The project will bring together leading scientists and engineers from Stanford University, UC Berkeley and the University of California. According to statistics, heart disease, infectious disease, cancer and neurological disease are the leading causes of death. Although a sudden breakthrough cannot eliminate these causes but a change in the approach to these diseases is essential. An investment in basic scientific research and invention of new tools can help attain advance progress in fighting them faster.

The president of science for this initiative, Cori Bargmann says that they are actively looking for more partners who show interest in this project. On achieving the goal, these tools will be provided to scientists around the world. The types of tools they will create include artificial intelligence tools for mapping the brain. Similarly, invention of a machine learning technology for tracking and learning about all types of cancers might happen. Following this, the creation of a cell atlas will take place to categorize all the cells found in the human body.


Other projects under the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

After the birth of his daughter last year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed that he would give away 99% of his Facebook shares through such organizations over his lifetime. The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has since then invested in various programs. One of them is the Indian education technology company BYJU. After this, they invested in an African software development training program, Andela. Significantly, this initiative also recently backed a program which provides San Francisco Bay Area teachers with money for school supplies.


  • Issobel says:

    Talking about curing all diseases by the year 2100 is quotable, if dumb. But talking about cellular debris doesn’t make for snappy headlines. If the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative makes a difference in biomedical research, it will probably be in those seemingly obscure subjects that turn out to be unexpectedly valuable.

  • Dr. Rafael Morin says:

    I hope the initiative will be as successful as the Gates Foundation in stretching its influence way beyond California to bring together the best minds from the best organisations throughout the world.

  • Regina Clarke says:

    This is is the first investment made by the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, which was created last year. Let’s hope it’ll be as successful as the one run by Bill Gates!

  • Janice Wimberly says:

    Great initiative

  • Eric says:

    My hope is simply that diseases of poverty that are currently neglected in terms of investments and engagement by the pharmaceutical and biological companies be part of this new initiative. Research and development, starting from discovery and up to the operational implementation research that makes new tools applicable immediately where they are needed, are fundamental to control and end epidemics.

  • Sarah says:

    Mark and Priscilla, I have tremendous admiration for this effort, and unending gratitude for the work you are doing the change the future of humanity as we know it. I hope you will consider the 1 in 3500 people in the world who suffer from retinal diseases that end in blindness, diseases like retinitis pigmentosa, Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis and macular degenerations, diseases that are every day being studied in the hopes of a cure so that the people who are diagnosed with them will not lose their sight. These people–smart, healthy, loving, contributing members of our communities–become dependent on others for support in many ways as they become increasingly visually impaired, and with research, we can make sure that they do not ever go blind. These diseases are degenerative, progressive, and hereditary–they are genetic and require intense research that requires immense financial support to be sustainable.

  • Pamela Yates says:

    What a great initiative and cause!!! I would like to suggest that there be more research done autoimmune diseases. More and more children and adults are being diagnosed daily and the quality of life is less and less! Thank you for putting together an initiative that helps mankind!

  • Jessie Ford says:

    This is needed and would help change the lives of so many. My daughter was born last year with a condition called Hirschsprungs Disease. So rare there is little to no research going into it. No treatments for a lifelong condition and she required 4 surgeries before she was a year old to hopefully help us and her manage it. With more research we’d have more understanding of why it happens, and hopefully one day have hope of greater knowledge so living with it isn’t so confusing and scary. This initiative is bringing hope to those who have seen some of the most darkest days. With the hope this can one day help my daughter.

  • Mark Thorpe says:

    How irresponsible. A better idea would be to focus on slowing population growth. By ending all diseases you then exacerbate the issues stemming from providing space to live, food to eat, water to drink and viable employment for all. It’s just not going to happen. All you are accomplishing is guaranteeing the health of what will be a panicked and suffering global population. Well I mean at least those without hundreds of billions of dollars in personal wealth to fall back on. Not to mention the impact this will have on the natural World and the planet’s resources.

  • Bernie Woodward says:

    oh i enjoyed watching mark and DR’Priscillas initiative when I was in college I love science and now im thinking of new generation of children today how easy to learn if a child really love too with parents guidance and teachers at school now even me myself i learned a lot in face book thanks for mark Im so happy to connect with my family and friends around the world I feel Im great

  • Kristy says:

    That would be wonderful… I imagine big pharma will be a bigger obstacle than actually figuring out these diseases… no disease… no $.

  • Angela Mcchalen says:

    Amazing what they are trying to do but there is no way the pharmaceutical companies would ever let them find a cure as they make trillions of pounds from sick people. They don’t want anyone to find a cure,is what I believe. If Zuckerberg can bypass them then well done! I wish them all the luck in the world. Xxx

  • Kevin says:

    I have to agree with Angela and Kristy. The medical community will lose all it’s income. NFWay the greedy Big Pharma will allow that. If you have respect for the food or medical industry, then you have not been sick. General Practitioner doctors are often useless. Don’t trust them. They are taught, “You give the patient these pills and you will get paid”. It’s really that bad, sadly. Talk to a nurse or a good doctor.

  • Juan Yang says:

    I remember this is the reason my son went to Medical School. He told me : there are a lot of children’s disease can be cured . This is a great initiative taken by Mark and Priscilla.

  • Will Booth says:

    Mark and Priscilla have benevolent hearts and considerate.The world is engulfed by many challenges.In the morning I was talking with an old man who happens to be my beloved neighbour.He complained that since our country embarked on free medication,there has been poor medication supplies.He said that the only people who manage to survive when they are sick are the ones who have medical aids who frequently have access to private hospitals.Those who don’t have,they succumb to death. I’m so elated that this conglomeration is going to help a lot of destitute people around the world.

  • Anna Fernandez says:

    What about investing money into providing people with the means to grow food and drink clean water and have access to clean sanitation. I believe it is a basic human right for everyone to have access to these necessities. I’m sorry but thinking that $3 billion to cure all diseases is a folly. The money could help people in impoverished countries and the less fortunate in western civilisation. It will take far more that you have pledged to cure disease! Just sharing my thought’s. Peace.

  • Mattias Alfano says:

    Great to see that you use your financial strength in such a meaningful way, Mark and Priscilla, to serve mankind. With your financial power and influence, please consider making something similar to stop climate change so our children have somewhere to live when all decieses are cured and beyond. If we’re failing in stopping climate change, all other great initiatives will sadly be in vain so it needs to be prioritized. The clock is ticking fast and we’re unfortunately moving full speed in the wrong direction. The two of you really have the potential to literally change the world when it comes to climate change if you choose to do so. Thank you for your efforts.

  • Hong Xiang Pi says:

    That is very important, I am going to be a father in march next year, but now I am worrying about the vegetables, pork, beef and lots of fruits,the environment has been destroyed too much,there are too much negative news, we need to do something for our children, a better world is indeed.

  • Cindra says:

    Apart from all, why the most enlighten people recommends us to feel free to give back. That makes us feel great and gets inner happiness. That hided happy ness will be the medicine for most of the diseases. Sleeping well, eating healthy and being healthy always recommends. Being open to the social activities plays a vital role. When it comes to the children issue, setting up the perfect environment means a lot. Most of the children are facing and being impacted by the family and the environment of that place itself. If we try and work hard to make that into good condition, then we can expect good and social activists.

  • @brooke_woods98 says:

    Education – we need to find a way to get the generation born NOW into learning Science. UK lacks a love of sciences in class. I speak that as a parent of two teenage sons who passed school science with flying colours but had no interest in the subjects as so poorly encouraged. If we can pull in the interest to the subjects younger , we have more a chance as adults of wanting and loving to learn and develop skills. We all have areas we wish and hope you can find causes and cures for. Mark and his wife are working towards creating a positive hope. I’m glad.

  • @Oculi_dei says:

    As german graduate engineer in environmental engineering I say : fight the source, not the symptoms! It just takes a step back… electromagnetic waves (wlan, dect, umts etc.) Aluminium in vaccines, gmo food, antbiotics an chlorine in meat… cause massive health problems!

  • benjamin says:

    My wife has Hep C. For 3 years now medicaid will not give her the 12 week pill regimen which is more than 90% effective because of its cost and she is not sick enough. If she gets to the point where she is sick enough to qualify she will have permanent cirrhosis of the liver. The drug manufacturer gave us a coupon for a significant Safeway with discount, it is still just over 33,000 US dollars. Regular price is 95k. In most other countries the price is closer to 500 dollars for the full course of antivirals. This dichotomy hurts us all. Can you buy the company and lower the price so my best friend can finally relax not feeling like she has a death sentence hanging over her head? Hep C is eventually painfully terminal without treatment.. Great initiative by Mark!

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