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NASA Set to Receive $24 Billion for Space Explorations in 2022

NASA Set to Receive $24 Billion for Space Explorations in 2022

Since President Biden and Vice President Harris were sworn in one year ago, their administration has made generational progress for…

4 months ago

Stock Futures Waver Amid Rising Ambiguity Over Russia-Ukraine Conflict

In a statement made by the White House, President Biden said, “As long as there is hope of a diplomatic…

4 months ago

Geomagnetic Storm Knocks 40 Starlinks Out of Orbit

On re-entering Earth’s atmosphere, the satellites are programmed to burn up, and pose no risk to other satellites in orbit.…

5 months ago

SpaceX builds a Starlink constellation to revolutionize internet access

The aerospace company has helped education and healthcare sectors and, when needed, directed rescue efforts in flood-affected areas. SpaceX engineer…

6 months ago

William Shatner to take a space flight aboard Bezos’ New Shepherd rocket

William Shatner is going to make a journey to space at age 90 on board Jeff New Shepherd NS-18 space…

9 months ago

Boeing bullish on growth in Asia-Pacific region

Boeing, the US manufacturer projects that its global fleet of airline planes will surpass 49,000 by 2040.

10 months ago

U.S. Airline Industry commits to reducing fuel emissions by 2030 with higher use of SAF.

Airlines for America (A4A) opens up to support 3 billion gallons of SAF by 2030 as SAF emits 80 percent…

10 months ago

Jeff Bezos announces $200 million charity award post space flight

Jeff Bezos announces $200 million charity award after his maiden flight to space.

11 months ago

US Space Force allows repurposed SpaceX rocket to launch GPS satellite

A GPS navigation satellite built by Lockheed Martin is set to ride a reused SpaceX booster on a launch from…

1 year ago