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Casper Debuts Sleep Lounge, The Dreamery for Workaholic Americans

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Casper, an innovative mattress start-up built on a mission “sleep better” sensed the gravity of the sleep problem in America and has come up with a fresh yet “sleepy” concept. The Dreamery, a sleep lounge introduced by Casper has started giving appointments to people who want to hit the snooze button during office hours.

The Dreamery is a brick-and-mortar cluster of bed pods allowing people to take a nap for $25 per 45 minutes. You can doze-off, lie down or simply spend a few peaceful moments with yourself in and recharge the body.

Casper The Dreamery entryway

Casper: The Dreamery entrance

That’s not all! Within this price, the nappers will get complimentary beverages to freshen up as well as constellations-print pajamas by Sleepy Jones for a comfortable nap. They will also find facial cleanser from Sunday Riley and a toothbrush kit from Hello in the restrooms. And of course, The Dreamery has also made available special sleep audio by Headspace, though the online site requests to bring one’s own headphones.

"The Dreamery is about making sleep and rest a part of our regular wellness routines — similar to how many people prioritize a workout class," said Neil Parikh, co-founder and COO at Casper.

Americans and Nap Culture

The workaholic Americans are resistant to nap culture during working hours. In contrast, according to A new Sleep in America poll by the New Sleep Foundation revealed that 65 percent believe that proper sleep contributes to work effectiveness the next day, yet only 10 percent of participants prioritize sleep over work and fitness and nutrition.

Casper the dreamery Check-in

Casper: The Dreamery Check-in

Similarly, the research from NYU School of Medicine and the city Health Department, 42 percent of the New Yorkers suffer from sleep deprivation issue.

Parikh and his team at Casper are determined to change the perception and behavior around sleep, reinforcing it as a founding pillar of wellness.

“America has a cultural problem around sleeping in the workplace,” said Eleanor Morgan Casper’s SVP of Experience Design to the Quartzy. “We’re trying to change this mental model and extend sleep beyond the home,” she added.

Casper The Dreamery lounge

Casper: The Dreamery lounge

At The Dreamery

The Dreamery ambiance closely mirrors its design-savvy parent brand name. Located at 196 Mercer Street in New York, right beside Casper sleep store, The Dreamery is truly a dreamland.

Casper describes it as a “the convivial oasis intended to refresh the body and the mind” in the middle of a forever dynamic city. The sleep lounge has a check-in room, lockers, waiting area along with a sleeping zone.

Bed dreamery Casper The Dreamery

Casper: The Dreamery bed unit

The Sleeping zone consists of nine sleep pods called Casper Nooks are basically giant wooden “O”s with curtains and soundproofed backing. These nooks are filled with Casper’s mattresses, pillows, blankets, socks and sheets along with sleeping masks. The staff at the site ensures to change the sheets after every nap.

Talking about the price structure, $25 is the average amount New Yorkers would typically pay for a group exercise class. Correspondingly a 45 minutes nap time is the best amount of time needed freshen up during the daytime, cites Inc.

refresh-rooms Casper The Dreamery

Casper:The Dreamery refresh rooms

While the Dreamery has just launched yesterday, Parikh has already envisioned opening such more sleep lounges at office places and airports.

Unlike Nap York, another sleep destination in Manhattan that remains open for 24-hours, The Dreamery remains open Monday - Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. One can reserve a Casper Nook via Dreamery website, or fitness apps like ClassPass, and Mindbody, though walk-ins are also always welcomed.

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