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Canonical announces Ubuntu Advantage Storage at OpenStack Summit
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Ubuntu Advantage Storage Support

Canonical announces Ubuntu Advantage Storage at OpenStack Summit.

On May 18, founder of Ubuntu and Canonical, Mark Shuttleworth announced a new cloud-based service – Ubuntu Advantage Storage at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver, Canada. The company announced its strategic alliance with software-defined support technologies such as SwiftStack, NexentaEdge, the OpenStackSwift storage module, and Ceph.

The Ubuntu Advantage storage provides cloud users with a vast area of storage solutions to organizations, globally. Mark portrays its new cloud-based services as a software-designed supports system, and aims to let enterprises to manage their Ubuntu deployments such as cloud storage services on commodity hardware clusters and route support 24/7 calls to specialist providers, with Canonical being as the first default Level 1 service support.

The new Canonical Ubuntu Advantage storage will charge customers as per their storage limits. The company added that they won’t be charging any fees for replicas, redundancy, or back-ups. They will bring cloud pricing to OpenStack on premises.

Canonical’s new cloud storage services developed by cloud experts that have real-world experience, and offers a unique cloud pricing service to customers. This means that customers have to pay for the content stored and not for disk space.

Moreover, this new cloud services are configured with access to landscape system management tool for using Ubuntu deployments, 24/7 call support. It offers an option of a dedicated canonical support engineered on premises. The new cloud service automates updates and manages physical, virtual, and cloud-based systems from a single interface.

Mark explained that his new Ubuntu Advantage storage service is easy to set up and use. It requires no special hardware to be embedded while operating. It is featured with management at scale, deploy or rollback security updates, role-based access, compliance reports, and informative monitoring. Along with this, Mark stated that his collaboration with companies, will help Canonical share an amount of the profits that will go to the upstream open-source storage projects.

According to survey, around 55 per cent of cloud’s production is based on Ubuntu storage services. Company’s decision for making an alliance with other tech system companies is aimed to deliver and deploy first class experience for cloud customers that help to simply, and proliferate large-scale Ubuntu OpenStack deployments on NexentaEdge SDS solutions.

Nexenta has joined Canonical’s charm partner program, and will provide a seamless support to Canonical’s service model – Juju. Juju is a high-level service model offering automation for cloud deployment, and managing the cloud applications. It was reported that both Nexenta and Canonical, plans to further expand their technology alliance with the integration and availability of NexentaEdge through Canonical’s charm program and package solution landscape, which allows customers to opt and deploy NexentaEgde product as per their storage requirements.

At the OpenStack Summit, Mark stated that their cloud storage service that is pillared by knowledge-based service, is mainly designed for customers to deliver a first class experience from day one of purchase, including small clusters.

The chairman and CEO of Nexenta, Tarkan Maner is excited to collaborate with Canonical’s charm partner programs. He said that the tech company is to expand open source-driven software-defined system. He added further that with the growing record rate, customers are seeking for cost-efficient approaches, by working with Canonical, they will combine the benefits of OpenStack with their markets leading as Open-source SDS solutions.

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