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You Too Can Achieve Work-Life Balance Like Multitaskers
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Multitasking is one of the most difficult things to do; you hear these words from many millennials around you. As a matter of fact this is not true! Multitasking is nothing but your skill and ability to squeeze the most important things in your waking hours. This includes a good number of hours dedicated to sleep and relaxation also. No, the multitaskers having a proper work-life balance are not magicians. Neither are they blessed with extra number of hours per day. They just have a different way of doing things and if we adopt some of these ways; we can certainly achieve the needed balance.

Work-Life Balance is Not Magic

achieve work-life balance

A harsh reality of life known to multitaskers is that there is no magic required to achieve a work-life balance. It requires hard work, consistency, and a go-getter attitude. This is how they fit everything in a span of 24 hours – the same amount of time available to each one of us universally!

They Use the Pomodoro Technique

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In the late 1980s, Francesco Cirillo developed the Pomodoro technique. Typically, this technique breaks your work into intervals of 25 minutes. After each span of the designated 25 minutes, a short interval is preferred. It is upon you to take the break in any way that you like. A short nap, a stroll, a coffee break, music, just anything that can freshen you up.

Try it out for once and see the difference!

Try to Complete Tasks While Commuting

work-life balance like multitaskers

Who said that you should do just the work-related tasks while commuting? If there are some household tasks like picking up the laundry, groceries, etc. complete those on your way to office or while returning. It just saves so much of time, doesn’t it?

And if you are really a big time workaholic you can also check your mails, handle video conferences, check presentations, etc. while commuting. Well, this is possible only if you have a long route to cover and a chauffeur or a taxi. (We don’t recommend doing the same if you self-drive to workplace!)

Inculcate Fitness Whenever Possible

work-life balance of millenials

This is the most important factor multitaskers keep in mind to achieve a work-life balance. They keep a check on the fitness levels without hampering the work. Yes, this is possible. Unless and until you want to lose or gain pounds, it is not a compulsion to hit the yoga studio or gym or that aerobics/zumba class.

The lift is jam packed? Take the stairs!

Does the taxi take time to reach your station? Walk instead!

Having a long call to attend? Walk around in the cabin or room rather than sitting at one place!

No time to cook a mouth-watering meal? Ditch the online ordering of junk food and pack some healthy options like oats, eggs, etc.

There are so many simple ways to include fitness in your life. You just need to strike the right cord. Also, multitasking is not always required for work. At times it is a skill required to balance your schedules in simple and easy ways. Well, once you get a hold of balancing just the regular routines, you will realize that achieving a work-life balance is no rocket-science.

You too can do it!

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