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California Issues 29 Permits for Self-Driving Cars on its Roads

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Google's Driverless Car

Google's Driverless Car

Driverless cars which have been put to test on certain Californian regions for more than four years, recently received the nod from the Department of Motor Vehicles on Tuesday.

The agency which made it mandatory for self-driving cars to be registered with them, before issuing them testing permits, gave permits to 29 vehicles onto expressways and neighborhoods with a human in the driver’s seat in an event that the installed equipment makes a bad driving decision.

Google's Lexus Suvs, a fleet of cars with 25 vehicles, along with Mercedes and the Volkswagen Group of America have two vehicles each, said Bernard Soriano, the DMV authority directing the state's "autonomous vehicle" regulation-writing process. A "handful" of other companies are applying for permits, he said.

The permit formally oversees testing. Google so far has covered 1 million miles and has wagered intensely on the vehicles, which explore utilizing complex sensors and nitty gritty maps.

In 2012, the California Legislature regulated the DMV to control the emergent innovations. Regulations that the agency initially proposed in January became effective Tuesday. Among them:

-- Test drivers must have a sparkling driving record, complete a training regimen and enrol in a program that informs their employer if they get in an accident or are busted for driving under the influence off hours.

-- Companies must report to the state any accidents, as well as how many times their vehicles unexpectedly disengage from self-driving mode, whether due to a failure of the technology or because the human driver takes over in an emergency. They also must have insurance or other coverage to pay for property or personal injury claims of up to $5 million.

California passed its law after Nevada and Florida and before Michigan. Federal government has not acted, and national regulations seem to be lacking any such speeding up when it comes to technology and innovation in the automobile sector.

It's difficult to know the total number of driverless-cars being tried on open streets on the grounds in Michigan unlike California and Nevada does not oblige special licenses to test self-driving cars on open streets.

Toyota, Chrysler, Ford and General Motors are all running around here with some form of autonomous vehicle," said James Fackler, assistant administrator for the Michigan Department of State, which registers motor vehicles. Carmakers needn't bother with a license since manufacturer’s license plates are sufficient, and those plates can likewise be utilized on future models or different sorts of cars.

With California's testing regulations effective in the distant future, the DMV is drafting regulations that will oversee driverless cars once they are prepared for the commercial sale.

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