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Tim Cook

The competition between businesses is changing every day. Similar to countries competing for impact and power around the world, businesses control the pace and direction of globalization now more than ever. So, Industry Leaders Magazine brings Leadership Awards 2015 to introduce you to the most influential leaders of the business world.

Every company has a purpose of making profits, but wealth is not a driving force behind company’s growth and survival. Successful companies rely on creativity and intelligence for its growth. As technology is evolving, many physical goods are replaced with their digital alternative. Business has expanded as a result of the new digital realm.

Below is our list of 10 most influential business leaders. These leaders do not necessarily need to be at CEO’s position, it can be anyone who has contributed to the growth of any business.

Let’s have a look at the winners of Leadership Awards 2015.

Tim Cook, Apple

Tim Cook is Apple’s CEO after the death of Steve Jobs. It is not easy to replace a legend, but Cook had to do it after Steve Jobs’ death. Cook has led Apple so strongly that the company’s stock has hit all-time highs. Through Apple Watch and Apple Pay, Cook has continued Apple’s appetite for innovation. Apple has become more open and outspoken even when it comes to non-corporate social issues. Cook brings a new leadership style to Apple by trusting others instead of being as manipulative and impulsive as Steve Jobs. This has made Apple world’s most valuable company since Cook took over the helm.

Mary Barra, General Motors

Mary Barra became the first woman CEO to head one of the big 8 automakers. Barra has managed to handle all the demands of investors, customers, regulators, plaintiffs, and employees simultaneously. Barra has been working with General motors since 3 decades, with varying roles in Human Resource and product development and finally the CEO of the giant automaker. She lifted the company, by continuously insisting openness by breaking General Motors long-standing pattern of denying to product defects. She was completely honest and was ready to accept the misdeeds. She always stays committed to change and that is what makes her a great business leader.

Howard Scultz, Starbucks

Howard Scultz is Starbucks’ Chairman and CEO, one of the most successful businesses in the world. Leaders are categorized into 2 types, transactional and transformational, according to a leadership theory in 1978.  Scultz is a transformational leader who inspires his team and encourages his team members to develop as individuals and work collectively towards achieving their goals. Schultz is known for addressing issues, most CEO’s won’t even touch with a 10-foot pole. He ensures that there is honesty, trust, and respect in the company he is leading. He treats his employees really well and he also listens to his employee’s suggestions when it comes to decision making. He thinks that partnership is really important to achieve company’s vision and mission. And most importantly, he understands his customers which is really crucial for growth of any business.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

mark zuckerberg

The well-known CEO of facebook Mark Zuckerberg was pushed into the international spotlight after the movie “The Social Network”. As everyone knows, Zuckerberg started Facebook when he was 19. According to Forbes, Facebook was ranked 10th on the list of world’s most valuable companies. Also, Mark Zuckerberg was named as one of the youngest billionaires with a net worth of $34 billion. He is definitely an effective leader as his method of dealing with situations is really unique. First, he finds what to let go, then he improves his previous mistakes and lastly in case of failure, he starts over.

Doug McMillon, Wal-Mart

CEO of Fortune’s No-1 ranked business out of 500, Doug McMillon started his career at Wal-Mart as a summer intern, unloading boxes on the docks and is now the youngest CEO of the retail giant company after the founder Sam Watson. He now heads world’s largest workforce, with 2.2 million employees and most dominant company when it comes to sales, with annual revenue of $485 billion. According to Forbes, he was ranked as 29th most powerful person in the world.

Helena Morrissey, Newton Investment Management

While Morrissey is managing a London firm having $55 billion in the assets, she is also helming the 30% Club, which she founded along with Mary Goudie. This campaign aims to broaden the pipeline of women at all levels starting from the schoolroom to the boardroom. With 30% as their eventual target, this campaign works to increase the number of women in upper-level leadership. In United Kingdom, they are getting closer to the goal as there is about 12.5% increase in number of women at higher levels.

Elon Musk, SpaceX

Elon Musk is the co-founder and CEO of SpaceX. In 2015, this company just successfully landed the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket back on earth within 10 minutes after launching satellites to orbit. This historic test of bringing a rocket back to earth from an orbital launch marks a positive step towards making rocket launches less expensive in the near future. From space travel to electric vehicles, Musk has developed some greatest technology in recent times. What makes him a visionary leader is the ability to convince the world about the feasibility of his project. His innovations and visions have lead to this successful launch and landing of Falcon 9.

Anthony Noto, Twitter

Anthony Noto is the CFO of twitter and he clearly proves that CFOs are not only just numbers people. No doubt, twitter is facing a serious problem in increasing its users. Anthony’s star, on the other hand, is quickly rising. He took the lead on company’s marketing campaigns in this past year. He clearly sets an idea that every company requires an ambitious CFO who can cover a wide range of business operations. Let’s see what he has up his sleeves in future.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon

Founder and CEO of, Jeff Bezos has revolutionized world’s method of shopping online. According to Forbes, amazon has entered into various different markets and is the largest online retail outlet. Under Bezos’ leadership, Amazon is also experimenting drone-based delivery services. The company is also adopting commercial advertisement by advertising on its delivery boxes. He has built a $174 billion empire by introducing products with high consumer appeal, from streaming-only TV shows to e-reader tablets. This visionary CEO not only started Amazon from scratch but also turned the idea of e-commerce as really fanciful for other businesses.

Sundar Pichai, Google

Sundar Pichai

As Google Inc got reorganized, Google will be a part of Alphabet Inc along with other divisions like Google Ventures, Calico, Google Capital, Google X, Nest, and Fiber. Now Google is a slimmer organization with Sundar Pichai as its CEO. When he joined Google in 2004, as a project manager and he worked on making a web browser- Google Chrome. Later he oversaw development of Gmail, Google maps, and Android and was promoted to chief product officer. In August 2015, Sundar Pichai was appointed as CEO of Google. If you use Gmail, Chrome, Search, ATAP, Android or Google Drive, Pichai’s fingerprints are all over them, and this is the reason why there was no one else at Google with a better understanding of Google machine.

These business leaders have highly influenced today’s competitive markets. These Leadership Awards 2015 are to recognize and appreciate their efforts and strategies to make their company the best in their respective fields.

Christy Gren
Christy Gren is an Industry Specialist Reporter at Industry Leaders Magazine; she enjoys writing about Unicorns, Silicon Valley, Startups, Business Leaders and Innovators. Her articles provide an insight about the Power Players in the field of Technology, Auto, Manufacturing, and F&B.

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