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Business Benefits of Mindfulness

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What is Mindfulness?

It is a state of being aware of moment-to-moment, paying attention in the present, on purpose without any judgement.

Why is it required?

If you are not sure if you are mindful, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Unable to recall past conversations?
  • You reached your destination but remember nothing about your journey?
  • Eating without tasting your food?
  • Scrolling down the screen without reading anything?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions, you are switching to autopilot on a regular basis. Such events of mindlessness or switching to autopilot have become common in our busy lives when we constantly multi-task.

In the corporate world, employees are often expected to do more, work longer hours, and are burdened with heavy workloads. As a result, they are left juggling work, home, finances, and other major demands. Mindlessness will not allow humans to live their present, so they fail to notice things they should be grateful for.

Mindfulness will not eliminate problems, but it will help us to deal with it in a calmer manner. It will prevent us from unconscious physiological and emotional reactions to surrounding events. It will improve our quality of life as we will be fully present in the current moment.

What are the business benefits of being mindful?

Being mindful surely affects your business, here are its benefits:

  • Analyse situations more clearly

When one is conscious about every moment, he will have a clear idea of the situation and its consequences, which is really required for leadership and decision making.

  • Stop automatic reactions

One will be aware of the situation if he is mindful. He will take the time to recognize the matter and will not give an automatic reaction. A more mature and professional reaction is expected from Business leaders. Being mindful will help them give a thought before reacting to anything.

  • Improved focus

Being mindful will result in increased concentration and will enable to deliver better results at workplace. If a team adapts this concept, they are more likely to stay dedicated and focused towards their work.

  • Enhances creativity

It helps in thinking out of the box and enhances creativity. Innovation cannot be manufactured on demand, but it can surely be cultivated through this practice. Applying this concept as a part of the workplace will foster company’s growth by implementing those creative ideas and delivering innovative products.

  • Work-Life balance

Awareness and acceptance will help in achieving a balance between work and home. According to a report, people who are mindful are able to communicate clearly, can handle issues in a better way, and are happier in their social life as well.

How to be mindful?

The only way to stay conscious and aware about your surrounding is through meditation. Some companies have involved meditation as a part of their workplace like Google. You need to meditate for a minute, at a calm place, focusing on the breath. If other thoughts are crossing your mind, bring your focus back to your breath and relax.

It is proven that mindfulness will improve your business, your personal life as well as your health. All you need to do is meditate.

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