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Success never comes overnight; all the successful entrepreneurs have had series of mistakes and missteps before finally rising to fame. What sets them apart is that their mistakes never stop them from rising back. They may require motivation and business advice from other successful entrepreneurs who have already been there. We have gathered wisdom from those who have already found their way to the top. Here are some of the business advices from top entrepreneurs that will guide you through your journey.

Drop your ego – Ning Liang

In the early stage of your career, it is okay to be the dumbest guy in the room that is full of experts. You need to drop your ego, learn from your seniors and work hard consistently. After all, everyone needs some help in making a thriving business.

Ning Liang is the co-founder of HealthSherpa, which is a California based startup which connects individuals with health plans.

Do what you love – Mary Barra

Do something that you are passionate about, do what you love. If you are passionate about your work, it will be fun. Doing something that you don’t really enjoy will not help you be the big fish. Make your work fun and you will naturally deliver your best.

Mary Barra is the Chief Executive Officer of the auto-giant General Motors.

Choose your friends wisely – Tim Ferriss

Man is known by the company he keeps. A person is an average of five people he associates with most. You need to make sure that you surround yourself with the right people. It is not necessary that you should be connected only with successful entrepreneurs, but you need to associate yourself with positive people. Do not surround yourself with someone who will hinder your success. Remember, your network is your net worth.

Tim Ferris is an American author, angel investor, entrepreneur and public speaker.

Listen to your customers – Guy Kawasaki

Listen to your customers’ advice and complaints carefully. Remember, if people are complaining they still want to do business with you. You need to worry when they stop complaining. Knowing your customers’ need and demands and moulding your service or product accordingly will surely help your business reach the top.

Guy Kawasaki is an author, investor and a marketing executive.

Set everyday goals – Richard Thalheimer

You cannot achieve your long-term business goals by working for few days; you need to work consistently towards your goal. Everyone has 24-hours of time in a day, what you do in that much of time is what defines you. So, set everyday goals, accomplish them daily and you will be a step nearer to your destination.

Richard Thalheimer is the founder, former CEO and chairman of The Sharper Image Corporation, a brand that provides high-tech lifestyle products to consumers.

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