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Buick GX Essence Packs Power and Safety and Is High On Compact Cuteness

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The Buick Encore GX is a five-person SUV that is made for the urban mover. It is stylish and nimble and fits the compact is big concept. It comes in three variants; select, preferred, and essence—starting at $24,500.

The 2020 Encore GX is a second-generation hatchback built by GM Korea and exported to the United States. The Buick Encore GX Essence is the top brand with all the premium trims above the less expensive select and preferred iteration.

The Buick Essence comes fully loaded with all safety features and driver assistance technology that makes driving safer and convenient in today’s environment.


2020 Encore GX

The exterior is stylish and athletic. It comes with a signature grille, its stylish red white and blue trishileld badge, which sits on the grille.

It has fog LED premium lighting and wide wheelbase. As the company states in its brochure, it is stylish and primed. The elegant red white and blue badge can be seen a the tailend too. The Buick has an aerodynamic build with a slanting roof and a trim back window. Its interiors are as advanced as the exterior. The Encore GX comes with a modern infotainment system that includes Amazon Alexa integration and a built-in 4G LTE wifi hotspot. It comes with a GPS and Bluetooth pairing and USB ports. It also has a wireless device charging feature. The Buick has enough storage to please a family. Without the second row of seats, the cargo capacity is 50 cubic feet.

The Buick’s compact features make it easier to navigate city traffic and ease out of tight parking slots. The safety features of the SUV are first grade and can keep you safely on the road. The wheels are 18-inch machined aluminum, called the Medium Android by the company, and it comes with disc brakes on all four corners. It also has dual exhaust ports.

Buick GX Encore’s safety features include the following innovative technology features: Forward Collision Alert, Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, Following Distance Indicator, IntelliBeam headlamps, and Front Pedestrian Braking.

New intelibeam headlamps turn on the high beam automatically when sensors sense ambient light conditions and turn it off when lights change or when another car is detected approaching.

Front pedestrian braking for pedestrian alert in front at speeds below 50mph is available. The Encore can even apply hard braking and help reduce collision severity; this feature is restricted to nighttime.

When in reverse, the standard Rear-Vision Camera or available HD Rear Vision Camera provides a display of the scene directly behind the vehicle to help you park and avoid objects when in reverse at low speeds.

StabiliTrak automatically intervenes when it senses a loss of traction to help you maintain control on uneven surfaces. Its intelligent All-Wheel Drive sends power to the wheel(s) with the most grip to maximize traction in slippery road conditions and helps improve cornering and acceleration on dry roads, according to the press statement. It has a Head-Up Display (HUD) that comes on at a touch to display vital information conveniently in the field of your vision.

The below the hood features include an Ecotec 1.3l turbo engine, with a 5000 horsepower and torque with 162 rpm at 2500. It has a three-cylinder engine. The Essence comes with a nine-speed automatic that fuels the front wheels. The fuel economy is 30 mpg in the city and 32 on a highway. The all-wheel-drive version of the Essence is slightly more expensive at $31,000.

The Buick Essence is a cute SUV that is compact with all the worthy features that one expects from a new-age car. The Encore lineup has done well since it was introduced and has sold over 102,000 units in 2019. The GX Essence, with its high-end safety features and up-do-date infotainment system, is sure to attract a lot of buyers.

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