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Bosch’s Autonomous Shuttle Concept Could Change the Way We Travel

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Autonomous shuttles in our present day, including most prototypes, are a lot more focused on safety trips than comfort since the concept is still at its early stage and struggling to earn safety reputations. But that could change sooner than we think. Bosch is gearing up to shake things up and deliver something much more exciting by introducing a futuristic autonomous shuttle concept at the 2019 CES.

Named the concept shuttle, Bosch’s futuristic autonomous vehicle features a flamboyant exterior design, with its casing made of “display screens and glass” that provides very interesting views on transit. Unlike the present day shuttles, which can be described best as wheels-bearing metal boxes, the concept has a friendlier look featuring slender LED headlights and soft curves with multiple displays, though the teaser images depict only two small displays.

The autonomous shuttle concept features

Bosch is using a light, airy and minimalist design in the concept shuttle’s cabin to amplify the unique styling, and the shuttle features four seats, with infotainment screen and leg rest installed in two of the seats. According to Bosch, the Wi-Fi enabled shuttle has the facility to make recommendations and bookings in advance to nearby events.

Most interestingly, the shuttle’s interior has an AI-powered camera system that tracks items in the vehicle to ensure that passengers didn’t leave anything behind. It has a system that would alert passengers through their smartphone if they forget any of their items in the shuttle. The cameras can also detect dirt on the seats such as gum or overturned coffee cup. It can also identify when the vehicle needs to be cleaned, alert operators and make the necessary arrangement.


The on-demand shuttle will travel to users who can summon the nearest available shuttle via their smartphone. Bosch says the futuristic autonomous vehicle will identify the nearest shuttle using an algorithm when a user makes a request and can pick up other users looking to travel a similar route. Ride-sharing service feature in the shuttle is to eliminate traffic and to reduce fares for riders, says Bosch.

A smart battery monitoring system estimates the shuttle range

The concept shuttle is fully electric powered and the battery status is monitored by a smart battery monitoring system, says Bosch who was tight-lipped on the vehicle’s technical specifications. The smart system estimates the amount of energy consumed by the climate control system and environmental data like weather forecasts and traffic congestion. However, the shuttle is able to accurately estimate its range and the maximum number of trips the vehicle can run before alerting for a recharge.

Under maintenance, the shuttle monitors its key components using a collection of sensors and predictive diagnostic. This allows the vehicle to detect problems even before they occur.

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