BMW EV Touches a Million Lives
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Every year, millions come up with New Year resolutions. But, how many are successful in following it till the end? It seems like BMW hit the nail right in the coffin after it was successful enough in keeping their resolution. The automobile company announced that it was quite successful in delivering over 100,000 electric vehicles to a million customers across the globe.

The German automaker released their first electrified vehicle, BMW i3 in 2013. But it was only this year that the demands grew stronger. The countries that mainly saw a rise in the i3 on their streets are the United Nations and Western Europe. BMW could hardly manage to sell 60,000 Evs in 2016. Therefore this year, it has managed to grow 60 percent for the sales year of 2017. The company has managed to sell over 2 million BMW EVs since 2013. The German automaker expects its sales to grow by a double-digit percentage in the coming year.

What does the boss say?

Kruger also mentioned that they always deliver on their promise. The CEO of BMW said, “Selling 100,000 electrified cars in one year is an important milestone, but this is just the beginning for us.” He spoke on how their focus towards electro-mobility was what helped them reach their goal. “Our early focus on electro-mobility has made this success possible – and electro-mobility will continue to be my measure for our future success,” added Kruger

The car manufacturer announced its partnership with a battery startup called Solid Power. The initiative was in order to commercialize their solid-state battery technology so that it can be appropriate for use in the consumer vehicle. Unlike the traditional lithium-ion packs, this will help improve long-term battery life, range as well as safety.

Harald Kruger, the chairman of the board of management, mentioned that he wishes to spoil his customers with choice, by introducing around 25 electrified models. In the coming years, we can expect launches of a number BMW EV models like i8Roadster in 2018, a fully electric MINI in 2019, BMW X3, and BMW iNext. The iNext which is expected to release in 2021, will “combine electro-mobility with autonomous driving and new interior connectivity options for the first time in a series-production model.”

It seems like 2017 has been quite a year for the BMW EV. The Germany-based company states that this great feat highlights their “leadership role when it comes to electro-mobility.” In order to celebrate this great achievement, the CEO of BMW, Harald Kruger himself handed the keys of an i3 to his 80-year-old new owner in Germany.

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