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Blogspot Domains Moved to HTTPS for Single Web Security Standard
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Single Web Security Standard

Single Web Security Standard 'HTTPS'

"HTTPS encryption is fundamental for the security of the internet. It safeguards confidentiality and integrity of information sent between visitors and websites’ browsers," says Google's blog. In a quest to make the internet a safer place promoting theΒ single web security standard, Google Blogspot domains have been moved to HTTPS.

Google Security Blogspot account has published a post, which reports about the quest and demonstrates how Blogspot domains of Google that are moved to HTTPS will impact the current scenario. Naturally, you don’t have to rely on using the option of HTTPS availability setting because it’s now automatic. If you’re worried about not having an option to switch anymore, the search engine giant has got you covered with the choice of HTTPS Redirect.

In September last year, the US government implemented a few variations across the board in order to make the protocol β€˜HTTPS’ a single web security standard for all federal websites. They also gave a deadline to shift the existing websites to this protocol by December 31st of 2016. In the same month last year, Google rolled out HTTPS support in an attempt to support single web security standard. The protocol was introduced for Google Blogspot domains so that users could easily try out.

Arriving back to the present, Google has launched yet another milestone today by introducing HTTPS for every Blogspot domain. With this tweak, any Blogspot domain blog can be accessed by visitors over an encrypted channel.

Due to mixed content, some functionality of your blogs may not work in the version of HTTPS. Incompatible post content, gadgets, or templates are often the main cause of mixed content. While the Google teams are proactively working for a solution to this issue, a few of them can be fixed only by the blog authors. In order to help discover and fix such errors, Google released a warning tool, which alerts users if they have potential mixed content errors in their post. The warning tool also offered an option to fix the issue automatically.

Existing bookmarks and links to blogs won’t be affected by this switch and it’ll continue to work. Although, blogs that use custom domains are not yet entitled to HTTPS support. With this update, HTTPS Everywhere Mission by Google expands and takes a step further in the concern of internet security.

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