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Black Friday Frenzy Is Contagious : Black Friday Deals 2020

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Black Friday

Black Friday

Even though Thanksgiving is just a few days away, the holiday shopping season spree has already begun. And yes, these days holiday in general does not have much in common with the present Black Friday Frenzy which starts over the one-month long season of haunting for holiday deals. It almost seems as Native Americans, Pilgrims and Santa Claus are only nice-looking icing on the holiday season’s cake. During the holiday season everything revolves around shopping. That matters and that is the truth.

Retailers know about it and they want to take advantage of this holiday shopping spree. Therefore Black Friday, which officially marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season, is used to lure as many consumers as possible. Of course it is nothing surprising as retailers just want to earn. But… There is always a "but".

Black Friday Deals on Thanksgiving

Since last couple of years the Black Friday deals have been launched earlier and earlier. Actually Black Friday shopping starts not on Friday, but Thanksgiving night or even evening. Many retailers start at midnight. In 2011, several retailers including Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Target Corp. decided to launch their Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving night just few hours after the completion of the Thanksgiving dinner.

The launch of  Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving is becoming more popular as some retailers feel forced to do that to keep up with its bigger competitors including Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Target Corp. and Sears. And this 2012 Black Friday is to start at 8 p.m. Thursday at Wal-Mart, Toys R Us and Sears stores. Target is to launch its Black Friday deals at 9 p.m. Best Buy Co. Inc. will open its stores right at midnight and it seems that the retailer wants to play safe.

Those retailers, which decided to open their stores on Thanksgiving, underline the importance of the opening weekend of the holiday shopping season. Molly Snyder, spokesperson for Target Corp., noted: “The holiday season is highly competitive, and Thanksgiving weekend is one of the busiest shopping times of the year,” adding that the decision to launch the Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving was caused by the market requirement.

A must-have item of 2012 Black Friday has not yet been decided. According to analysts, Nintendo Co.’s Wii U may be a hit of the holiday shopping season.

Data released by the National Retail Federation showed that approximately 226 million shoppers during the same holiday weekend in 2011. Over 86 million people took part in the holiday shopping spree on 2011 Black Friday. According to new research, roughly 147 million shoppers are expected to participate in the upcoming Black Friday weekend.

Black Friday – New Holiday

Certainly the growing popularity of Black Friday and the tendency to move Black Friday deals on Thursday indicate the increasing commercialization of the holiday season, which is more often called the holiday shopping season. Even some say that Black Friday is not the part of the holiday season as it has become an independent holiday.

But this new holiday has also a dark side. Black Friday witnesses chaotic and sometimes even violent scenes which mark the beginning of the holiday shopping season. So where is the spirit of the holiday season?

Black Friday Deals 2020

Amazon's Black Friday sale has yet to authoritatively get started, but we're previously seeing Black Friday-beating deals across tons of categories and products. Amazon is now in the holiday shopping spirit, with a comprehensive page devoted to holiday deals Prime and non-Prime members can take advantage of.

This year, Black Friday is going to be a bit diverse with Amazon. With Prime Day ending just a week ago, we remained hit with a truckload of deals on everything from Amazon devices to clothing, games, and more.

With Black Friday now just a month away, fair how will the holiday shopping season be unlike from last year? For starters, Amazon has already kicked off roughly deals to get the Black Friday ball rolling. You can now bargain some great deals on Amazon devices, but where you'll famine to preserve an eye out is on tech, gaming, electronics, and other holiday 'gift' ideas this year.

Amazon's holiday deals hub is now doing a prodigious job of giving us an insight into just what type of deals we'll see during Amazon's Black Friday sale. Smart home products will be a giant centerpiece during many of this year’s best Black Friday sales 2020, and Amazon's grown hundreds of smart home products on sale right now.

We'll possess this list updated with the finest deals trendy today through Black Friday, Be certain to check back often for novel deals, killer offers and Amazon's best Black Friday deals when they arrive!

🌎 Best Amazon Device Deal: save 25% on the Echo Dot 3rd Gen smart speaker – now $29.99

🖥️ Best Gaming Deal: save up to 50% on select Razer gaming accessories

🍳 Best Kitchenware Deal: save 34% on Calphalon's nonstick 6-piece baking set

👖 Best Clothing Deal: save up to 20% on select Levi apparel and accessories

🔊 Best Audio Deal: save up to 25% off select Samsung soundbars

📺 Best TV Deal: save up to 35% on select TCL Roku Smart TVs

📺 Best Gaming Accessory Deal: save up to 42% on select ROCCAT gaming gear

There are nearly killer deals happening on Amazon's particular tech, but check back as we acquire closer to Black Friday for the full offering!

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart Speaker w/ Alexa (Charcoal)

Was: $39.99 | Now: $29.99 | Savings: $10 (25%)

One heck of a deal foremost up to Black Friday, you can clutch Amazon's 3rd Generation Echo Dot smart speaker on sale today for just $29.99. At 25% off, this is the best price you'll treasure on the Echo Dot until Black Friday deals kick in. Hedge on this one before it sells out!

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Kids Edition w/ Alexa (Blue)

Was: $69.99 | Now: $34.99 | Savings: $35 (50%)

Grasp the Echo Dot Kids Edition nowadays for just $35, a whopping 50% off its typical price tag. We may perceive the Kids Edition go even inexpensive come Black Friday, but until then this is an unbelievable deal you can be assured with. Buy this one today!


Black Friday 2020 will be on Friday, November 27th.

Subsequent Thanksgiving, Black Friday sales kick off typically on Thanksgiving evening and outing through the following day. This year, venders are doing effects a bit otherwise.

Many are prolonging their Black Friday sales or starting early, with some retailers including Home Depot and Best Buy kicking off Black Friday sales as premature as this month!

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