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Bio-fuel maker Solazyme unveils anti-ageing skin care line Algenist™

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Solazyme launches alguronic acid-aided anti-ageing skincare Algenist

Solazyme launches alguronic acid-aided anti-ageing skincare Algenist (image courtesy

Perseverance pays off – heard that often? Well, Solazyme’s scientists got a pretty fantastic reaffirmation of this, when they persisted in squeezing out products from the microalgae they use in the manufacture of what they are best known for – biofuels.

They were looking for nothing in particular, just for a new substantial something, when they stumbled upon alguronic acid, and voilà! We have Algenist, a potential new best friend for every 50-year old in the world, the new anti-aging skin care line that will be retailed at

Algenist: anti-ageing sea matter

Solazyme has launched Algenist™, their new anti-ageing skin care line, by collaborating with beauty retailer Sephora® and leading global multimedia retailer QVC®.

The suggestion of starting a wellness/beauty range was made six years ago by one of Solazyme’s consultant.

The history of algae-containing beauty products is becoming quite well-known, given the current over-100 algae-derived ingredients used in making beauty products worldwide.

Tony Day, the vice president for research and development at Solazyme, said in a statement to The New York Times that the patent-pending alguronic acid in Algenist is a “single, purified, highly bioactive compound (delivering) much higher activity to the skin” than products using only a microalgae extract.

Some studies, commissioned by Algenist and carried out in an independent lab, though as yet unpublished in a peer-reviewed journal, demonstrated an increase in cell regeneration as well as a rise in the synthesis of the magical elastin with the use of alguronic-acid containing algenist. Further, the tests also confirmed that properties of alguronic acid that provide protection against u-v rays induced cell damage, and inhibit the release of enzymes that break down elastin.

Featuring four products as initial offerings, Algenist™’s inaugural line of alguronic acid-based anti-ageing skin care products will include the Algenist Concentrated Serum, which minimizes the look of wrinkles and boosts skin radiance, the Algenist Anti-Aging Moisturizer and Anti-Aging Moisturizer with SPF 20 nourish and moisturize skin, improve firmness, and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and the Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm firms skin while minimizing the appearance of fine lines around the eye area.

Solazyme’s Journey

Jonathan Wolfson, CEO Solazyme

Jonathan Wolfson, CEO Solazyme (image courtesy

Based in South San Fransisco, Solazyme has very quickly become one of the world’s leading companies using algae to make biofuels that can replace conventional oil.

Constrained supplies, volatile pricing, and potentially negative and irreversible environmental effects are some of the challenges and limitations presented by conventional oils that Solazyme products intend to address.

With oils that can be customized to address a wide range of properties of petroleum and/or other natural oils, Solazyme concentrates on developing products within four broad market areas - fuels, chemicals, nutritionals, and skin and personal care markets.

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  • Rock Howard says:

    An initial allotment of Algenist sold out on QVC in 8 minutes last week. The first few dozen user reports are posted on the QVC website and they are uniformly positive about the effectiveness of this product. I picked up a free sample myself at my local Sephora and after 4 days of use it already seems to have successfully hydrated a dry spot on my forehead and is also toning up my eye sockets nicely. While it is early days yet, this product may be the real deal.

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