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Biggest Irony: Kentucky Coal Museum will switch to Solar Power

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The multi-fold benefits of solar power are talked about so often that one can list them even in his sleep. Stating them once again will simply be a waste of cyberspace and the reader’s time. The point is that people across the globe have come to terms with the importance of the use of solar power and are showing enthusiasm for it. Business houses and town planners have made major investments in renewable sources of energy. A number of geographical regions now completely depend on solar power to produce electricity. But now an organization has joined this list of places that are fully dependent on solar power. It may sound funny but the Kentucky Coal Museum is all set to switch to solar power.

The Kentucky Coal Museum situated in Benham in the U.S. was founded in 1994. This museum has on display the floor plan which resembles a typical underground coal mine. It portrays various aspects of a coal mine like the tipple and other similar mining activities. The region of Benham was initially an agrarian land. After International Harvester purchased this land in the 1900s after recognizing its rich coal seams, coal mining began. The museum also gives an overall insight about the coal industry and not only the mining activities. A visitor can gain knowledge about the entire process behind the formation of coal right from its mining to its numerous uses. When a building that represents the coal industry decided to adopt solar power, it is a clear indication of the tremendous importance of renewable energy.

Kentucky Coal museum

The Kentucky Coal Museum will receive energy through solar panels.

Why did the Kentucky Coal Museum decide to adopt solar power

The Kentucky Coal Museum is currently owned by the Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College. The Communications Director of this organization, Brandon Robinson said that the main motive behind switching to solar power is in order to save money. Robinson stated that through this switch, they will be able to save energy costs worth at least eight to ten thousand dollars spent on the building alone. This makes the effort a worthy one as it will save the organization great amount of money in the long run. It will cut down the maintenance expenditure by a drastic level.

The work on powering the Kentucky Coal Museum through solar energy and not coal began on Tuesday. An outside organization funded this project. The project cost added up thousands of dollars but the investor believed that it’s worth every penny. Tre Sexton is the owner of the company, Bluegrass Solar, which is installing the solar panels for the museum. He feels that the project will pay for itself within some time. Bluegrass Solar has installed twenty solar panels on the top of the building for the absorption of solar power. Sexton added that when installing in a residential building, the system will pay for itself within five to seven years. This project is a perfect example of how different energy sources go hand-in-hand.

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