Better team collaboration can help yield the fruit you need
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We have left behind the days when success was measured on the basis of individualistic growth. Now is the time when importance is given to teamwork and the sweet fruits that yield from it. Even as a team, if the members give first preference to their personal growth then attaining the desired results can be quite a task. This is why it is the responsibility of the head to unleash his leadership skills and make sure that all the members work in team collaboration. This can be a tricky thing to do as every individual is unique and getting them together to work in a similar fashion is much easier said than done. Despite this, there are a few ways through which this can be done.

3 ways to ensure better team collaboration

1.     Set goals as a team

It is a common practice that each individual has some goals set for himself. He works accordingly to make sure he achieves what he aims for. But when in a team, it is essential to forget about your personal goals. In order to make this happen, you as a leader must put up goals which the team as a whole has to achieve. Along with this, give responsibilities to each individual so that they can contribute to the progress. Don’t give them a chance to focus on their personal growth in the company. Instead, make it clear that they will get an opportunity to grow only if the team progresses as one unit. On doing so, you will notice the dedication your team members put in for each activity.

Team collaboration

It is the responsibility of the head to make sure that all the members work in team collaboration.

2.     Assign space for group activity

While working together, one needs to communicate with one another on a regular basis. Apart from this, he also has to coordinate his activity with a fellow member to make sure they are heading in the right direction. Also, discussions play a vital role in promoting team collaboration. All these activities cannot take place while hovering over someone’s desk or in the passage. Such a practice might be a little inconvenient. Therefore to make sure that group activities are carried out smoothly, assign a separate space to the team for the same.

3.     Resolve conflicts

It may often happen that there might be an ego clash between two individuals or simple miscommunication. When such an issue is not solved at the right time, it may grow to cause complications in future. To avoid any such situation which may act as a drawback for the team, it is important for the leader to take care of it before it gets out of hand. Being the leader, intervene if any conflict takes place and resolve it at the earliest. Make sure that you don’t offend any of the parties involved.

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