Best Electric Bikes for Any Budget & Terrain (2022)

Practical, yet stylish electric bikes coming out in 2022.

An electric bike is a human-powered bicycle with an integrated electric motor to drive the pedals and sometimes provide assistance in climbing hills. Unlike most other types of bikes, they do not require any form of pedalling or braking; turn on the power and go!

With each passing year, new electric offroad bikes emerge onto the scene with better features than before. For example, the Yeti 160e electric bike comes equipped with LED lights, making it easier to ride at night or under bad conditions.

We’ve curated details and insights on the five best electric bikes that will be available by 2022.  

The best electric bikes 2022 has to offer

Electric mountain and road bikes vary in design and purpose. Some bicycles are designed for excellent performance on outdoor trails or endurance training — others less so. The good news is that many of the newer e-bikes feature adjustable pedal assist modes, making them ideal for a range of activities, from strolling through greenways to enjoying a day out with friends. Before opting for an electronic bicycle, it’s important to consider whether your trips follow suit by travelling around town, commuting daily to work or hitting expansive trails beyond the confines of urban living. 

best electric bike 2022

Marin Sausalito

Marin bikes are always known for their elegant designs, durability, and performance. While this bike might not come with some of the flashy add Ons such as regenerative braking system or throttle control like other models in our list, it offers excellent value for money considering all features it flaunts for its price. This model includes high-quality Shimano components and hydraulic disc brakes, which provide smooth stopping power even when riding through mud and snow, and it comes at $2500. 

best offroad bike


Yet another great product from the house of Himalaya, this electric bike comes with a maximum speed of 25kmph and can run for up to 50 km on one charge. Himiway is also equipped with a regenerative braking system, which helps recover energy while slowing down or stopping, making it more environmentally friendly. Additionally, the bike is easy and fun to ride, and it can also be used as a regular bike without power.

best e-bikes

Tern GSD S10

The Tern GSD S10 is coming for $3,999. This natural beauty boasts all-new high-tech features such as an Omni wheel kit that allows riding over any terrain without worrying about punctures or flat tires thanks to its unicycle design! Also included are some safety features like red-light cameras and proximity sensors that automatically slow down the bicycle if you get too close to an object, so there’s no need to worry about bumping into anything or any collision.

best electric mountain bike  

Yeti 160E

The all-new electric Yeti E160 is not only simply one of the best electric mountain bikes you can own, but it is also Yeti’s first-ever e-bike. Yeti-cycles is known profoundly well for its full carbon performance as a mountain bike, and there is simply no room for errors when making a new bike, most especially when it comes to well-known e-MTBs. 

The 160 E features various setups, ranging from $10,100 and going as high as $12,700. Note that high-end components are used on the carbon frame of the Turq-series, so be sure to keep an open mind for the Yeti 160E.  

fastest electric bike

Giant Trance X E+ Pro 29

For those who want bigger wheels but want their ride to be as smooth and efficient, Giant trance X E+ Pro is a perfect choice. This bike comes with 29-inch wheels that are large enough to offer better balance on rough trails but small enough to make sharp turns without too much effort; especially helpful while riding in tight spaces or going around corners quickly! Also included are some excellent components, such as the Shimano XT drivetrain for added performance and reliability and hydraulic disc brakes, which provide superior stopping power even during heavy downpours. 

premium electric bike

Electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire One

Harley’s new electric bike doesn’t look like your typical hog—it has no gas tank or boom box, for that matter. Instead, this premium electric bike comes with all the modern bells and whistles you’d expect on a luxury vehicle. In place of an engine, the $22k bike uses an electric motor to do its thing.

The LiveWife One features a design that allows a strong, smooth, comfortable ride and gives the bike exceptional handling and stability. High-output electric motors take it from zero to 60 mph in 3 seconds—and its regenerative braking makes it easy to control your speed. The massive 15.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack will power the bike up to 146 city miles between charges making it not just dependable but the fastest electric bike on this list. 

Electric bikes are the best option for everyone looking for a comfortable way to get around. Not only do they cut down on transportation costs, but they also help you save money in other ways. As a result, increased demands in the market and expectations will be much more by 2022 compared to how much was sold last year. 

However, before you purchase your electric bike, make sure you can ride it, and always wear a helmet for your safety!    

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