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Best designed products of 2015 to marvel over

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Best designed products of 2015A well-designed product is not just something that will tempt you to pull it off the shelf. It provides something that will satisfy human needs and can be part of your daily life. Good Design is not just a business factor, it’s your product, it’s the way customers engage with you. Moreover, the design isn’t just an aspect of a business, it is business. So let us converse about some of the best designed products of 2015.

The products in 2015 Best in Class Design Awards address evolving human needs – from solving transportation issues, to giving a robotic face to unseen bits that float around us. The best designed products of 2015 were selected by all-star judge panel which included names like Ellen Luptor, curator of contemporary design at Cooper Hewitt; fashion designer Cynthia Rowley; Samsung’s Chief Product Officer Valerie Casey; Guggenheim’s curator of architecture and digital initiatives Troy Conrad Therrien; and founder of NewDealDesign Gadi Amit. This year’s winners are all innovative, productive and quite polished too. You can have a look at each product in detail below. Also, we have mentioned some additional innovations of 2015 for you to marvel over.

1.Google Cardboard

Imagine if you could enter the world of virtual reality with some cardboard. Yes, Google makes it possible by its Google Cardboard which takes a smartphone and converts it into a virtual reality headset. Google also provides instructions to make one of your own Cardboard headset in case you don’t want to buy one.

Google Cardboard

2.Amazon Echo

How about getting the brains of Siri and Android now in a black cylinder that can be placed anywhere? Amazon Echo is to the rescue. It is a voice assistant that can execute on your commands, across the room. And it identifies whenever any command is given as it has to be preceded by its name – Alexa. It can keep you updated about news, sports, weather, facts, Wikipedia information or any unit conversions. You can ask her to tell a joke. Above all, you can also ask her to play music through Pandora, iHeartRadio, Spotify and so on.


The new Tech gadget makes Home security simpler. This six-inch-tall gadget enables you to keep track of all the activities at your home and take action if required. It has all the features that you’ll require to keep your home safe- 1080p HD camera, microphone, speaker, a Wi-Fi connection to your Smartphone, a 90-decibel siren, temperature sensor, motion sensor and ability to learn over time. In case any activity is detected, you can view the recorded video to examine. Also, every data provided by Canary is encrypted right away for security purposes.



Reading glasses that you’ll never misplace: ThinOptics are a twofer-eyewear slim enough to fit into back pocket of your Smartphone case. It’s temples-free design is inspired by pince-nez models. It’s frames are made of really flexible and very light polycarbonate. You can keep this eyewear in your pocket, your purse, or even in your phone case. Smartphone is something that is always with you so your reading glasses will accompany your Smartphone so that you never lose it.

5.Roku 3

Even when a variety of boxes like Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, and Apple TV can stream Intenet content to your TV, none of them can beat Roku 3. Roku 3 is better in terms of reliability and ease of use. You can just speak the name of the channel or program you want to watch into the remote. It also sends you a reminder when shows you were waiting for are finally available.

6.Vanmoof X Spinlister

This is bike sharing app without any involvement of owners or hub to deal with. Spinlister users can lock and unlock automated Vanmoof bikes from the app via Bluetooth. Through such app, bike rentals become unbound from allocation stations, and bikes become available as one rentable network.

Above mentioned products and many more on the list will make your life easier and more convenient. Such innovations of 2015 clearly states that designs are not part of business, it is business. So here we have listed best designed products of 2015, what’s your say?

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