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Be a Business Wolf like Jordan Belfort, Lessons from The Wolf of Wall Street

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In the high- end corporate markets today, you not only have to be a great performer and hard- worker in order to thrive for success, but also you need to be great in communication, interaction, networking, and confident enough to sell yourself as a brand in the market. As they say “looks that could kill”, just joking, you need not have to be hot and handsome to attract investors and customers towards your business, of course not. Individuals need to emerge out as a confident person with the perfect presentation and manipulating skills. The way you converse, the way you stylize yourself, and most importantly the heart & brain that you pour into your efforts, attracts consumers followed by the other regular criterions.


Here are the forever classic lessons for LEADERSHIP, BUSINESS, SALES, and MARKETING from our very own favorite guy from the Wall Street, Jordan Belfort.  Doesn’t ring a bell? The cacophonous, wildly energized, and off- a crooked stock broker who marked a breakthrough inside the walls of THE WALL STREET and enjoyed a King- sized, extravagant life surrounded with immense luxury and extreme opulence.


Set your system towards a fixed goal. Look into the future and imagine what is it that you might want, and plan exactly how you need to fulfill your aim. Set a vision and strongly program your entire system to follow that goal. Let your vision steer your determinations. You can incidentally fall pregnant, but you can never incidentally get rich. Belfort worked hard to reach his aim.



Always act smart and powerful. Dress your part, so even if you are not a part of it, you will end up being the one from it. This is a materialistic world, here perception is everything. In the movie, the character of Belfort well portrayed this saying. He wore expensive suits, and people saw him as a successful, confident and a powerful person. Looks surely do sell in the current corporate world. You must figure out how you want others to look up to you, and present yourself in front of the people in your way. Everything is about presentation. Appearances can be deceptive, but surely not here. There is another good example of the same thing- James Bond. Regardless of his functionality, he always wore Tom Ford rather than some sweatshirt. It’s all about perception and presentation.



You should be a master of your skill, the best of what you know. Belfort was a specialist in penny stocks, so he found his exact place and exploited it. Similarly, find your plus point, master it, and exploit it.


You should always know your limits as well as of the people you deal with. Plan a strategy according to the favor of the environment and stick yourself following it. Know the demands of markets and your customers need, keep them in mind and tailor your best for them.



For an excellent business, there is always an excellent execution of the idea, excellent employers, and more than anything else, excellent employees behind it. Your employees project your image, and it’s them who actually build a successful business foundation. That is exactly what Belfort did, he trained people so well, that even the most clueless people sounded like an experienced, knowledgeable, and qualified professionals. Always keep things effective and simple, and always communicate with your employees well so that they know your needs and in return you are aware of their needs. You cannot climb miles in business alone, you need a great staff, so hire the right people, train your staff and make them self-efficient.


tumblr_mxnnlvE2nB1t5nwjao1_1280There is a well-known proverb, Failure breeds motivation. No one does it right or succeeds at the first instant always, those who do are rare. So you must not fret over it if it doesn’t go well for the first time, do not get disheartened. Business is all about learning and rising up from failures. Never give up. Belfort had a dream, he failed, but he never gave up on his dream.


As a businessman, you must always keep customer’s need as a first priority. Keep your clients happy, that’s the motto. Provide solutions to your clients about their problems. Figure out what your customers need, and cater everything according to it. Belfort always used to ask one question to his customers, “What is your greatest headache right now?”



Keep your employees happy. The secret to a successful business is hard work and fun. If your employees are happy and enjoying, nothing can stop them from contributing themselves towards fulfilling your goal to thrive for success. Belfort threw extravagant and outlandish yacht parties and gave grandiose allocation for encouragement and boosting the morale of his employees. Happy workers ensure loyalty.


So arriving towards the end, all we learn from this is ‘To be a Hungry Wolf’. Opportunities in the real world aren’t reserved always for the most eligible person. Instead, they are reserved for those who are the hungriest to grab it and take a chance. It surely sounds clichéd, but the world is like this. So, devour everything that you need. Being greedy is not bad always, especially when it comes to fulfilling your aims. Be greedy, take what you deserve and also try to take more than you deserve. Opportunities won’t bang at your door twice, especially never in the corporate world.

I want you to deal with all your problems by becoming rich! I want you to attack your problems head-on! I want you to go out and start spending money right now. I want you to leverage yourself. I want you to back yourself into a corner. Give yourself no choice but to succeed. Let the consequences of failure become so dire and so unthinkable that you’ll have no choice but to do whatever it takes to succeed.” –Jordan Belfort

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