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Baluchon’s Mogote, a $87,500 Tiny House on Wheels

Mogote tiny home can sleep up to 4 and is eco-friendly and light.
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Baluchon, a French company that builds customized small houses, has launched a tiny house on wheels named Mogote that can comfortably sleep four people.

A loft-style tiny house on wheels

The Mogote house on wheels is 6 meters or around 20 feet in length. It comes clad in red cedar and blue standing seam aluminum. It has a large picture window that opens onto the living room. A sofa bed offers sleeping space for two guests and a storage shelf that spans from the wall to the bedroom loft.


Mogote tiny home can sleep up to 4 and is eco-friendly and light.

The kitchen has used spruce and oak finish and includes a two-burner cooktop, under-counter refrigerator, and single bowl sink. It even has a table that can seat three people.

The bathroom is fitted with an 80x80cm shower, dry toilet, a wardrobe, and a small hand-basin and storage drawers.

The bedroom is on a level above, extended by a storage mezzanine. The bedroom has two large bookcases.

The house is fully insulated with hemp, cotton, and linen for floor and walls and wood fibre for the ceiling. The windows are made of aluminum wood and are double glazed. It has a ventilator for airflow. 97% of the materials used during the manufacturing of Baluchon tiny houses are recyclable. Most of the homes weigh around 7,716 pounds. They can be towed by pickup vans, four by fours, and vans. A 1-kilowatt electric heater or gas or wood-burning stove is enough to heat the tiny home in winters.

The tiny homes built by Baluchon come in the range of €80,000 or about $87,500.

Mogote’s tiny house….

The tiny Mogote house was built for a client that will use it as a primary residence in the Nantes vineyard area of France. Some modalities need to be followed if you want to own a tiny house. One needs a permit from the concerned authorities to own one, called the trailer permit or EB. It can be obtained by paying a fee of about €700. It can be parked on private land, and at the moment, France does not have any legislation regarding tiny houses. Since these houses are built on wheels, they do not need any building permit. But it is advisable to get clearance from the concerned municipal authorities.

They deliver in France and some surrounding countries as they believe transporting thousands of miles away adds to the carbon footprint.

Tiny homes are touted as the answer to the housing crisis that most densely populated cities face. Affordability is another factor. For some who are passionate about living simply and minimally, tiny houses are the perfect answer. Their usability is varied. They can be an affordable option for single mothers finding it tough to find viable economical options, grandma’s pads in the backyard, an Airbnb house, or a small shop.

Tiny home size can be anywhere between 100 square feet to 500 square feet and is portable. The cost of an average size 2400 square foot home can be anywhere from $300,000 upwards. Even at the high end of the tiny home market, which ranges from $10,000 DIY jobs to decked-out $100,000 models, the savings are substantial.
Future of Affordable Housing

These are viable options for urban housing woes. They save a lot in mortgages, have little or no carbon footprints, and are sustainable and viable. In fact, tiny home advocacy groups are looking to develop sustainable building regulations, and encourage municipalities to adopt creative zoning and ordinance policies for tiny homes. Construction consultant Chris Galusha and president of the American Tiny House Association, says that the overwhelming reason for the increased interest is cost.“I don’t get emails from people saying they want to save the planet,” he says. “They say they’re tired of [renting], and it’s all they can afford. I live on the western edge of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, and there isn’t a home for sale in my area under $250,000. When a living wage is considered $12.50 an hour, you’ll never buy a home. You’ll be renting forever.”

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