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Back to old good days! Hello Lincoln Motor Company!
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Lincoln Continental

Lincoln Continental

After so many years of depressing sales, Ford Motor Co. decided to revive and rename its Lincoln luxury brand. On the 3rd of December, Lincoln Motor Company is due to be introduced. The rebranding is aimed at reviving sales of Lincoln models. And what is more the Lincoln’s first Super Bowl ad and television commercials are to be presented as well.

Rebranding Lincoln

Ford Motor Co. decided to rebrand its Lincoln luxury brand to Lincoln Motor Co. as it aims at splitting Lincoln from the cheaper Ford brand. The move is expected to give Lincoln Motor Co. a more exclusive and luxurious touch. Certainly Ford Motor Co. wants to lure customers to the new rebranded company by reminding its quite remarkable history and sedans such as the Continental and Town Car. Lincoln had been known as Lincoln Motor Co. until 1922, when it was acquired by Ford.

The possibility of reusing its first name brand had been circulating for a while. The Ford’s decision to rebrand Lincoln is a result of reinforced efforts to stick out in the market. And Lincoln Motor Co. is ready to do so as four new models are to be presented. In addition, all of those new Lincoln vehicles are to be more personalized so that the company’s client will feel special. For example, the new MKZ sedan, which is to be launched, is expected to be available for sale in December.

Lincoln’s rebranding is designed to make it easier to distinguish Lincoln’s vehicles from Ford’s models. Much criticism towards Lincoln’s cars has been revolving around the accusation that its vehicles are too similar to Ford’s models. According to Ford, new Lincoln’s vehicles have the touch of luxury, but the most important is that the delivery of quality is the main focus of the company.

Rebranding Lincoln is aimed at getting the brand on the top as just two decades ago Lincoln was one of the best-selling luxury car brands in the US market. However with acquisitions of other luxury brands such as Jaguar and Volvo,  Lincoln brand was neglected by Ford Motor Co.

After selling other luxury brands Ford Motor Co. has been dedicated to rebranding and getting back Lincoln on top.

Lincoln's Super Bowl ad

With the reintroducing and rebranding Lincoln brand, Ford Motor Co. decided to launch the 60-second TV ad which will be presented during the Super Bowl. The ad revolves around the rich history of Lincoln, therefore it presents Abraham Lincoln, the U.S. president after whom the brand is named, classic models and images well-known actors such as Dean Martin and Clark Gable as well. These actors were known as famous owners of Lincoln cars. For Lincoln Motor Co. heritage is an important part of its identity.

Apart from the Lincoln's Super Bowl ad, the company is also to concentrate on social media. Matt VanDyke, director of U.S. Marketing Communications for Ford and Lincoln, has insisted that the company is "going to put a different twist on it and approach it in a very social way and try to do something that hasn’t been done before.”

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