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Authentic Nike Sneakers now Just a Touch Away on Amazon
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Trends come and go but online shopping is here to stay. This statement might seem a little out of place but it makes complete sense on further probing into it. We have witnessed a number of trends in the past few years but online shopping has moved way further than simply being a trend. It has now become a habit for millions of people from across the globe. This is because one gets a wider range of products to choose from while being a couch potato. And Amazon tops the list of the most popular online shopping portals worldwide. Relying on the reputation of the e-commerce giant, the Nike Amazon partnership has finally materialized.

No need to drive through the tedious traffic for your favorite pair of sneakers. Through this partnership, you can be assured that you will receive cent per cent authentic products through the Amazon site or app. Rumors regarding the Nike Amazon partnership were doing the rounds last week. The management team of Nike confirmed the news on Thursday. The analysts and investors were informed first about the pilot deal which will result in the direct sale of Nike’s limited assortment on the U.S. platform of Amazon. The deal comes as a surprise as for decades Nike has been denying collaborating with any other e-commerce platform. The sports brand was trying to develop its own digital marketplace. Probably the organization thought that collaborating with Amazon was the wiser thing to do.


The Nike Amazon partnership has finally materialized.

Details about the Nike Amazon partnership

The Nike Amazon partnership proved to be beneficial for Nike right since its announcement as the company’s shares went up by 7 percent even after hours. This itself gives us an idea that the market is looking forward to the end result of this partnership. Also, the largest shoemaker will get another platform to conduct retail transactions. It seems that Nike is keeping up with the online shopping trend as the sales online are considerably higher than the showroom sales.

As a result of the partnership, Nike will put up apparel, athletic footwear, and accessories on the Amazon shopping portal. After much resilience, Nike finally gave in to the Nike Amazon partnership. This took place by putting down stricter policing of counterfeits along with more restrictions on the unsanctioned sales of its products. Nike CEO Mark Parker stated on Thursday that this deal is in the hope of improving the Nike consumer experience through the medium of Amazon.

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