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Aspiring Women Business Leaders to Lead New Age Startups

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Gone are the times when you would find women working under someone else’s dictatorship, or perched on a bar stool in their kitchen. From Coco Chanel to Tory Burch, all these powerful female icons are a proof for leading a full-fledged startup over their shoulder and thrive in it.

Women Business Leaders

Brit Morin, CEO, and Founder of Brit + Co

These days’ women business leaders are not only giving a stiff battle to male competitors in the massive corporate world dominated by men, but also by outdoing them in various fields. There is no paucity of talented and exceptional women entrepreneurs when it comes to innovation.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, and many more have made it big when it comes to innovative enterprises. But, there are women business leaders too, who have proved that they can very well handle the concept of innovative business, and are well-aware of the economics their business takes.

From DIYs to charging footballs, the various range of innovation arrives from most promising female entrepreneurs.

Industry Leaders Magazine brings to you the top three women business leaders leading the most innovative new-age startups.


Brittany Morin, 29, is an American entrepreneur and author. She is the CEO and founder of Brit + Co, which happens to be an online DIY company based in San Francisco. She is a regular lifestyle and DIY contributor to TODAY show on NBC, Yahoo, Steve Harvey, The Huffington Post, CNN, and Rachael Ray. She is the author of Homemakers: A Domestic Handbook for Digital Generation.

Morin started her career at Apple where she was working under iTunes division. Later on, she moved to Google where she worked under Merissa Mayer. She continued working at Google for several years before she decided to take a few months off and spending it over a wedding planning and starting a company based on health-tech. It was during this time off that she discovered her passions, which was supporting people to link with their creativity and DIY projects. She started an E-commerce platform and a DIY website named, Brit + Co.

Brit + Co’s headquarters are based in San Francisco, which basically is a warehouse where clients can spend their time working on projects, buy goods made by other creators, and take classes.


Jessica O. Matthews, 26, is an American entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Uncharted Play and SOCCKET soccer ball. A Harvard graduate, she is an inventor and runs a tech firm, which provides inventions for the betterment of our society. Her invention SOCCKET is a soccer ball that gains kinetic energy sources from playing. The harnessed kinetic energy can thus be used in day-to-day needs. This technique is extremely useful in developing countries where electricity is a problem. LED wattage of almost 3 hours is generated by playing with the SOCCKET ball for 30 minutes.

Jessica came up with this idea during her Harvard years when she participated in a project during to create energy from a ball. Her company Uncharted Play offers two items, a jump rope, and a soccer ball, which harvest kinetic energy while in use. With each purchase, her company donates a Soccer ball or rope that harnesses energy to a child residing in developing countries. Matthews is, perhaps, one of those innovative leaders, who strongly support philanthropy for the initiative of bringing advancement in society.


Jody Miller, 57, is an American entrepreneur and author. She is the CEO and founder of Business Talent Group. Her company is based in Los- Angeles, which provides interim executives and consultants through a specific model on writings by Peter Drucker on knowledge worker. Miller has served as an important venture partner in Seattle-based Maveron, a venture capital firm from 2000-2007.

She started Business Talent Group after wrapping up a Fortune cover story written by her named “Get a Life!” The book was based on the 24x7 life of an executive. Business Talent Group provides a broad marketplace for almost 4,000 freelance consultants who prefer working outside of conventional consultation structures, trading their services to firms on a project basis. Unlike few who bemoan the growth of the freelance economy, Jody, is one of those innovative leaders, who view this as an opportunity for talented individuals to take control of their balance between work and life by doing project-based work.

Miller has served as an executive VP, acting president, and COO of Americast. She has also served as a special White house assistant to President Bill Clinton. Miller, currently, is included on the board of directors of Capella Education CO. and TRW. She is also a board member and Co-founder of National Campaign to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

These remarkable women are game changers and groundbreakers in the field of innovation and technology.

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