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Apps that can Earn You Some Extra Money
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Who doesn’t like to earn some extra cash? But, the problem which prevails is the time constraint. Doing a full-time job, people don’t have enough time to invest another 40 hours a week to make more money. Well, in this technologically advanced world, there are apps for earning extra money, and the plus side of it is that you don’t need to invest much of your time to actually earn money or rewards.

Here is a list of apps that will help you fill your pocket with some extra money:


This amazing app allows you to make more money just by capturing photos. It is like earning from your hobby because you are going to capture images through your iPhone or camera anyway. Once you capture high-resolution photos, all you need to do is upload them for sale on Foap market. Each picture costs $10 to buy. Once your picture is bought by someone, you will be paid half of the amount, which will be transferred to your bank account. Foap is popular because it allows users to upload images directly from their smartphones or from photography apps like Instagram, Flickr, and EyeEm. So create your account and start earning from photographs of your cat.

Field Agent

This app will provide you with a list of jobs that has to be done within 2 hours. The location of each task may vary, and you have to pick a task that is suitable for you. Job details are described with each job and the money that you may earn if you finish the task on time is also mentioned. Once a task is allotted to you, you need to finish it within two hours, so make sure that you are near the task location before accepting the task.

Receipt Hog

This app will turn your receipts into cash. All you need to do is scan your receipts into this app. Receipts from all the stores are accepted, which are used for research marketing purpose. You earn virtual coins for scanning your receipts, which can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash. As a bonus, you can have scanned copies of your receipts all the time, in your phone.


Fiverr offers you to work on small projects for $5 each. Know how to code? Great! Work on a project that requires a developer. Know how to proofread? Wonderful! Offer you skills to someone who requires it. It will take only a few hours or less than that and you can earn a lot, five bucks at a time.

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