Apple’s iPad mini rolled out in Asia to shorter lines
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Apple Inc.'s iPad mini

Apple Inc.'s iPad mini

Fans of Apple Inc.'s devices in numerous Asian countries had lined up on the 2nd of November in order to lay their hands on the Apple iPad mini that was due for release on that day. The price of the Apple iPad mini device has been set higher to some of the similar gadgets of rival companies like and Google Inc.

Decline in global rollout of Apple gadgets:

The higher iPad mini price accounts for the fact that it has attracted lesser crowds than some of the earlier global rollouts of the company. Normally the worldwide gadget rollouts of Apple Inc. are matters of high energy that attract huge number of people who quite contentedly stand in the queue for long hours to buy the gadgets. But a rapid increase in the comparable devices of some of rival companies has brought about a decline in the interest of the iPad mini in Asia and other parts of the world as well. Like for example in Sydney, Australia, the number of head count remained somewhere around fifty, outside the Apple store prior to the sale of the Apple iPad mini device. This count however passed way beyond when the company had started selling iPhones in the past. The queue used to go past several blocks outside the same store in Sydney. As the sale of iPad mini in Asia began, there were more than a hundred people outside the stores of Apple Inc. in Seoul and Tokyo. In Hong Kong on the other hand when the store of the company opened, the number of staff outnumbered the number of people standing in queue for the Apple iPad mini device.

The iPad mini as compared to other rival products:

The Apple iPad mini device is 7.9 inch slate that is not only very light but also very easy to handle. The iPad mini from Apple Inc. is the first effort of the company in the segment of smaller tablets. It marks the latest strategy of the company in the global war for mobile devices that is dominated by the software giant Microsoft Corp., the biggest web retailer and the global leader of search engines Google Inc. The Surface tablet from Microsoft Corp. powered by the recently launched Windows 8 operating system and measuring 10 inches was released in October this year prior to the release of the Apple iPad mini. The sales of multimedia tablets that are relatively smaller like 7 inch are dominated mostly by Google Inc. and

Reviews for the iPad mini:

In spite of the fact that the iPad mini price tag is higher than some of the other rival tablets, the reviews for the product are mostly on the positive side. Apart from the iPad mini price, another factor of criticism for the device is based on the screen that is considered to be inferior to some of its competitors. There have been highly positive reviews for the iPad mini in Asia as well and the device is considered to incorporate all the features of its bigger version in a small and optimum package.

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