Apple to test its self-driving shuttle at its headquarters
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Being one of the leaders of the Silicon Valley, it was expected from Apple Inc. to manufacture its own autonomous car. The tech giant also had plans for the same but later assigned its autonomous sector Waymo to collaborate with Uber to come up with self-driving cabs. This means that Apple will provide software for such cars and not manufacture cars itself. Now it seems that the tech giant has finally shown interest in doing so. According to recently leaked news, the company will test such cars in its office campus itself. This will take place by using it as a self-driving shuttle for commute within the vicinity.

Apple is such a humongous company, the surface area covered by its offices is also widespread. Be it manufacture or regular indoor employees, its offices are always on a huge scale. This makes going from one building to another a slightly tedious affair. Usually, in such a situation, companies keep golf carts for the convenience of their workforce. To use this facility, the employees are expected to wait at a particular spot and notify the driver to come pick them up. Instead of golf carts, Apple will test its self-driving shuttle as this facility.

Self-driving shuttle

This self-driving shuttle PAIL which stands for Palo Alto to Infinite Loop.

Employees to review this self-driving shuttle

This self-driving shuttle PAIL, which stands for Palo Alto to Infinite Loop. The name is in accordance with the fact that the autonomous vehicles will first scuttle around the company’s Palo Alto office and 1 Infinite Loop situated in California. This development is slightly surprising as Apple had clearly stated that its priority is now the production of self-driving software. It seems that the tech giant decided to finally put its tech expertise to good use and create an autonomous vehicle right from scratch. This vehicle might change the face of the use of autonomous vehicles for commercial use.

The self-driving shuttle will be mainly useful for testing any new kind of technology which the company comes up with. This means that even if there is a slight update, it will first install that technology in this shuttle. If the employees give a positive feedback, then it may be a part of commercial vehicles as well. Through this practice, the Apple employees will review this autonomous vehicle even before tech experts.

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