Apple says the next big thing is Augmented Reality. See how!
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In June, during the company’s World Wide Developers’ Conference event, Apple announced ARKit, a platform for AR apps to live on for iPhone users. With the iPhone X unveiled two days ago, Apple is hoping to bank on augmented reality. The Cupertino company boasted at the event that it has the biggest AR system in the world. Does this mean Apple will bring the most powerful computing power in the form of AR in every pocket?

What AR means for Apple

A whole range of developers, experts, and thought leaders believe AR is set to truly blend the digital-physical environment. This could be a major reason why Apple is betting big on ARKit, a platform that lets developers create AR experience. It will show up on iPhones and iPad next week with iOS 11.

augmented reality

Atli Mar Sveinsson, CEO and co-founder of Directive Games, announces a new augmented reality game, The Machines.

Looks like the Apple media event was all about catching up with augmented reality. The iPhone 8 and iPhone X have upgrades that will power Apple’s move towards mainstream AR. Throughout the event, Apple execs noted that the new devices were turned for AR. This shift will obviously help in gaming and consumer apps, but also create a generation of business apps. Whether Apple is likely to be a leader in the AR space is a question that remains unanswered.

For starters, Apple could also be working with glasses brands. This move will definitely help the company leverage its reach over the market. Secondly, one cannot deny that Apple’s AR platform could be a powerful driver of the technology. Thanks to the slew of developers and users, as well as the mobility of its devices, Apple will finally bring the uniqueness and power the AR platform deserves.

What AR means for consumers

Using AR on iPhones, consumers could trial clothing without setting foot in a store. They could take 3D tours of houses for sales, or take virtual tours of travel destinations. Or, as Apple demonstrated, consumers could use AR to overlay player statistics on real time vision of a game. Consumers can use it to see how a piece of furniture would look in their house.

Companies like Apple, Facebook and Google are now looking into the practical use of AR that isn’t just for games. The possibilities of AR merging with practical life are extraordinary. When iOS 11 is available on September 19, we expect to see even more of AR in the app space.

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