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Apple Plans No Mining Campaign to Celebrate Earth Day
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Apple is trying to put a full-stop on mining of the materials it uses in its high-end devices. The tech titan plans a one day move to a closed-loop manufacturing system in which it will use 100 percent recycled products. But the company is yet working on the probable and optimized way to implement the move. Moreover, on the occasion of Earth Day Apple has some other adorable plans for the celebration.

Apple leads no mining campaign for tech-industry

The company made a shout-out clearing its aim to preserve the environment by no mining in the Environmental Responsibility Report released on Friday. The reason Apple is stretching the major shift is the electronics manufacturing companies' affect on our planet. Apple says that they are challenging themselves by making an attempt to stop mining and fetch the necessary things from rare earth minerals and recycled products. Here goes the statement, “We don’t question these realities — we challenge ourselves to ask what we can do about them in every part of our business”

In a recent interview with Vice, Lisa Jackson, Apple’s VP of the Environment and Social Initiatives said that the company will not necessarily source from the earth the materials they need in its products. Jackson added that Apple is attempting a rare thing which is to announce the goal before figuring out its way.

In 2011, after Tim Cook took over as Apple’s CEO, the company has raised many social programs. Currently, 100 percent of the electricity Apple uses to power their data centers and 96 percent of the electricity used by the facilities of Apple worldwide comes from renewable energy sources like hydro, solar and wind.

To judge the environmental and social impact of the obtaining the material it uses, Apple creates Material Risk profiles. It then checks out where the company can cut down the use concerning the effect on the environment. Apple seems serious with the unprecedented goal for the tech industry to drive improvements in the methods of sourcing materials.

The tech titan is also making attempts in the recycling industry to innovate new ways or alterations in the policies that could bring metals, minerals and rare earth materials from the old devices. The Liam initiative by Apple which is a disassembly line of robots is a great move. The Liam robots can pull apart the old devices, saving more than the regular recycling process does.

Apple celebrates Earth Day

Earth Day

Earth Day is on 22nd April and to celebrate it Apple has launched a video campaign that highlights the key aspects of the tech giant’s environmental priorities this year. Moreover, on the Earth Day Apple employees will change from their standard blue shirts to Green Earth Day shirts. Apple Watch users will also see new activity challenge ahead of Earth Day. Educational programs will be added in iPad to educate kids about the importance of the environment preservation. Apple will have a specialized logo with green accent leaf on the traditional Apple in its retail stores worldwide. Earth Day is one of the few days when Apple alters its logo.

Apple has shown a great leadership by announcing a goal for the tech-industry of “Stop mining”; commencing the initiative. So like Apple, be a leader in every aspect.


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