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Apple Lawsuit filed for Disabling Thousands of iPhones for a reason too Trivial
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Consumer protection is a significant agenda in the case of tech companies specifically. This is as such companies have the room to mess with the software or hardware provided without the knowledge of its user. This has made consumers forums increasingly alert of any such deceptions conducted by tech companies. One such incident took place in Australia recently. A consumer watchdog of the region will take the tech giant Apple Inc. to court. The Australian Competition and Consumer Protection (ACCC) declared on Thursday that it is ready to file an Apple lawsuit for installing a bug-like feature in the iPhone and iPads. The report alleges the company of refusing to repair or help devices earlier repaired by external sources.

According to the allegation by ACCC, Apple has introduced a faulty software update. This update instantly disables all iPhones whose screens have been repaired by unauthorized workstations. The procedure of disabling phones by the main source by the company itself without adequate justification is ‘bricking’. Through a software update, Apple disabled hundreds of thousands of phones at once with the help of ‘Error 53’. The Chairman of ACCC, Rod Sims said that under the Australian Consumer Law comes the consumer guarantee rights. Until now, no Apple employee or spokesperson has agreed to give an official statement to the media.

Apple lawsuit

ACCC files a lawsuit against Apple Inc.

Further details about the Apple lawsuit

When the U.S. tech giant blocked the usage of innumerable iPhones through its latest update, there was a sudden hue and cry among the customers. On carrying out substantial research on the models which were a victim to the bricking, the ACCC went ahead with a court filing against Apple. According to the Apple lawsuit, the service centers of the company did not agree to unlock the phones.

The ACCC report stated that consumers have been having this problem in their iPhones from September 2014 to February 2016. During this, whenever a user connected his iPhone to the computer after updating the software, they received a message saying the device has stopped functioning and can’t be restored. Apple authorities turned down the users asking to fix their devices that were earlier repaired by non-Apple workstations. The Apple lawsuit states that the company is engaged in the deceptive or misleading conduct. Also, the software update causes hindrance in the working of the device. This makes it the company’s responsibility to rectify it for free.

If the Apple lawsuit turns out to be in ACC's favor, it will set an example for other tech giants. This is because the tech industry is always on a look out to dominate the market. A person opts for an unofficial repair person as the company stores’ charges are exceptionally high. This leads to people looking for an affordable solution. Overcharging and rigidness in the services will become a common feature if consumers are in the dark.

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