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Apple is killing iTunes Allowances for Kids by introducing Family Sharing
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iTunes Allowances

Apple has declared that it will be shutting down iTunes Allowances on May 25. For those of you who are not aware of the feature, it is something that allowed parents to reserve a certain amount in their credit cards per month, which can be used by their kids to buy items on iTunes or the App Store.

The move is effective immediately and users will no longer be allowed to create new allowances. By May 25, automatic allowance refill will be stopped. Although, any unused amount will remain in the recipient’s account until the funds are spent.

This move is not because the kids were not doing their chores or due to poor grades. Apple thought that the iTunes Allowances are no longer required as the company is coming up with Family Sharing feature to iPhones and iPads.

Lately, many of the incidents suggested that sometimes children run up huge bills through in-app purchases or accidently when playing with their parents’ device. So Apple commenced a new way to bring an end to accidental spending while also giving some freedom to the children.

The Family Sharing feature will allow up to six members to share everyone’s purchases and will allow parents to monitor what their children are spending on.

Here is a step-by-step guide for using Family Sharing as a replacement to iTunes Allowances:

Step 1: Pick the Family Organizer

First of all, choose the family member who will act as a family organizer. Organizer will be responsible to send invites to up to 5 family members and will also be the one to approve and pay for purchases of other family members.

Step 2: Access Family Sharing

On any iOS device, go to settings, then choose iCloud, and then select Set Up Family Sharing option. For Mac, go to Apple menu, select System Preferences, select iCloud, and then click on Set Up Family.

 Step 3: Sync Credit Card

For those who have already attached their credit cards, this step will be skipped. For the rest, who don’t have a credit card, you can link it to your Apple ID to make the purchases.

Step 4: Add Family Members

The family organizer can finally add all the family members to become part of the Family Sharing by entering their Apple IDs. Parents can approve their kids’ purchases as the organizer turns on the Ask to Buy feature for children.

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