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Apple Keen on Launching Apple Smart Glasses by 2018

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After Google and Snapchat, Apple Inc. decided to venture further into the field of wearable devices. Rumours suggest that groundwork for the production of the Apple smart glasses has already begun. Apple insiders stated that the smart glass project is being taken up in order to expand the wearable devices section of the company.

Apple issued a report on Monday confirming the rumours that had surfaced in the market for a while now. This will help the company in entering the augmented reality market. The official report also states that the work on these digital glasses is already under way. The experimentation of this technology suggests that the glasses will be in sync with Apple’s iPhone. The working of this gadget will be close to the one used in the Apple watch.

Superficial picture about the Apple smart glasses

At the moment, Apple is exploring its options regarding this project. It is in search of a capable company with which it can collaborate. Also, there is no definite decision about whether the company will go ahead with the production right ahead. This does not mean that Apple is not interested in going ahead with the project. Recently, Apple ordered a small batch of near-eye displays from various suppliers. This suggests that the project has advanced to its prototyping phase.

apple smart glasses

The Apple wearable glasses will be in sync with the iPhone. Credits: Apple Insider

Another indefinite picture about the Apple wearable device is whether it will integrate the technology of augmented reality or not. There are chances that the gadget might end up having a simple wearable heads-up display. The difference between these two technologies is quite clear. The augmented reality features help in presenting overlay information into the digital world. This takes place with the help of sensors, cameras, transparent displays, and complex algorithms. On the other hand, the heads-up device is just a secondary display in coordination with its host device. The host device in this project will be the Apple iPhone.

Apple’s experiments with augmented reality

According to the official report, in case Apple decides to proceed with the production of the Apple smart glasses, its release might take place at the earliest in 2018. The sales of iPhone is at an all-time low currently, Apple needs to lure more customers to bounce back on its next quarter earnings call.

There have been talks about Apple working on augmented reality solutions for a while now. There has been no official statement about the product in relation to this study. The first mention of the study was by the Apple CEO, Tim Cook, during a quarterly investors conference call in July. Cook talked about Apple's interest in developing this technology and investments for the same were welcome. Apple already owns a number of augmented reality solutions. Its most recent development was for the iPhone mapping system. The company has also hired augmented reality specialists. This shows that there is a high possibility of the release of the Apple smart glasses in the near future.

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