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Apple iPad 3: Techs & Specs

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Most awaited: ipad 3

Most awaited: ipad 3

After all the rumors about the launch of iPad 3 or the next generation iPad between February and April this year, the new thing on everyone’s list is to find out what an iPad 3 would look like. No wonder, most of the news sites have been struggling to pull in as much information about the new iPad 3 as they can, to stay ahead of the competition.

As iPad 3 is one of the best selling and the most anticipated device of this year, it is quite obvious that people want to know what to expect for an iPad 3. It is rumored that the release date of Apple iPad 3 would be later this month. And thanks to scores of industrial magazines that industry leaders will be able to tell you ‘what an iPad 3 might look like?’

The iPad 3 was predicted to be just a bit thicker and would boast a high-resolution, retina display, screen based on new technology from Sharp. In fact the Techs & Specs suggest, a better screen was expected to be the key feature with the iPad 3, quite possibly a 2048 x 1536 display. There were also predictions that some of the most popular apps from Apple would have a higher resolution as well. That additional thickness should also include an A6 chip and — perhaps — a larger capacity battery. There was a possibility of LTE support, and Nikkei Business had “confirmed” such LTE support.

What to Expect of iPad 3?

What was previously rumored about iPad 3’s design and feature the iPad 3 seems to be in vain. The tech world today found a new batch of rumors about the design and features of the most awaited iPad 3.

The next generation iPad features seem to bank on Siri and iCloud and also the new iTunes with iTunes in the cloud / iTunes Match for  cloud-based storage of music, TV shows and movies. Well, it is being expected that iPad 3 features & specs would include an A6 Quad-core Processor and ample of new iPad apps like the upcoming Spotify iPad app, as stated in a business magazine.

iPad 3 Processor

Linley Group senior analyst Kevin Krewell is expecting the A6 to be a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 design, which would be competitive with next year’s best mobile processors. In 2012, Nvidia will offer a quad-core Cortex-A9 processor, and Qualcomm will have the aforementioned MSM8960, a dual-core A15-class processor operating at 1.7GHz. Fabricating Apple’s A6 in 28nm (instead of the 40nm process Nvidia is using for its quad-core part) will reduce both die cost and power, yielding a much better product.

iPad 3 Battery

The new iPad 3 battery life is expected to be twice as long, with capacity going from 14,000mAH compared to 6,500mAH. iPad 3 battery life is obviously important to a good user experience, with the media-heavy consumption that happens on all iPad. You wouldn’t want to get off the couch and sit somewhere else to plug-in in the middle of an iTunes movie download or considerable Twitter session, would you?

iPad 3 Retina Display

The Apple lover were expecting the Retina Display feature on the iPad 2, However Apple has been working hard on developing an improved version of the Retina Display feature to include in the iPad 3. With the Retina Display feature, the screen resolution of the iPad 3 will be 2048 x 1536 pixels. However, it is said that the third version of the tablet is delayed due to Retina Display issues.

iPad 3 Fingerprint Proof Technology

Apple has already been granted copyrights on its fingerprint proof technology, and is working real hard to make the iPad 3 fingerprint proof. The touch screen will be coated with oleophobic materials, which will reduce the oil and fingerprints on the screen.

There have also been quite a lot of speculations that the iPad 3 might display the 3D view. But it seems too early to expect features like 3D display, even though there have been others providing the same.



  • Carl Barron says:

    What could make this an even Bigger Success if Apple does actually use as stated in the Daily Mail 25th December 2011 Hydrogen Batteries which allegedly will require only one charge to last for weeks they should then Corner the Market we are all fed up having to re-charge every 12 hours or so.

  • Burton Haynes says:

    I experienced the pleasure of working with an iPad 3 and mark my words, it absolutely was a pleasure. Nevertheless, being a pleased owner of the iPad 2, the only super recognizable variation I’m able to see is the digital camera. I know that that some apps are a bit faster but not being a super computer guru, it does not register as a $500.00+ enhancement if you ask me, unless you own the original iPad. In case you’re looking to purchase iPad 3, my word of advice is to get an iPad 2 for less or retain the one you own, then hold out and save for the next generation iPad, that is if you do not desire a $500.00+, 5 megapixel camera.

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