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Apple Inc. as the most valuable company beats Microsoft Corp. record

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Apple is the world’s most valuable company.

Data shows that Apple Inc. is the world’s most valuable company. Apple Inc.'s market value jumped to $623 billion on Monday, beating the previous record set by Microsoft Corp. in the beginning of the Internet boom in 1999. Apple Inc. is listed on New York NASDAQ stock exchange, which informed that Apple Inc. shares were valued at $660.

Apple to set a new record

Due to gains in Apple Inc. shares the company is worth about $200 billion more than the second biggest company, Exxon Mobil.  The oil giant is valued at $405 billion. Apple Inc. overtook the number 1 position of Exxon Mobil last year as a result of market capitalization. But the latest financial estimates and share prices mean that it not only hit the Microsoft record but became the biggest company, in terms of market value, as well.

However Howard Silverblatt, a senior index analyst at S&P Dow Jones Indices, warns future investors: “If you are an investor, check the fundamentals and business plans, and avoid the hype in your decision." The Apple astonishing record and market value  are even more surprising as these days Facebook struggles with record low share prices.

This month Apple Inc.'s shares gained almost 9 percent as both Wall Street analysts and common people have been waiting in excitement for the iPhone5 release which is said to be in September.

As it was stated above, Apple surpassed the value of Microsoft and this way became the world’s most valuable company in the history. However Microsoft Corp. retains the title if the 1999 peak in its value were to be adjusted for inflation. According to data, Microsoft Corp.'s market capitalization hit €616.3 billion in December 1999. Basically these days Apple iPhone revenues make more than Microsoft itself. In addition, Apple Inc. is worth more than Microsoft Corp. combined with Google Inc., the most popular search engine.

However the Apple Inc. market value does not account for inflation as the record for value with inflation belongs to IBM with a value of 1.3 trillion in 1967.

Experts try to explain the recent increase in the Apple Inc. market value by reminding about iPhone5 release and new mini iPad which is said to be launched in September as well. The biggest and most popular Apple product is iPhone itself.  And although the excitement is getting bigger every day, some analysts try to cool down hopes; adding that questions remain whether problems will occur with shipment of components for iPhone and iPad as well.

Apple market dominance

The recent record surpassed by Apple Inc. is said to be a result of gains in share prices and market dominance of the company. Even though Apple Inc.'s results in NASDAQ look incredible, few analysts remain pessimistic. Some of them have recently spoken out whether the company will be able to develop its innovative abilities after the death of Steve Jobs. Van Baker, a vice president at Gartner Research, n=oted: “All the products made under [Apple chief executive] Tim Cook’s tenure have been tweaks to existing products. One of the companies’ big successes, the iPod line, is in decline and they are going to have to replace that.” Although rumors have been circulating that Apple is planning a first foray into television, Van Baker claims that this innovative plan may become too challenging even for Apple.

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