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An Apple healthcare unit is on its way
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At the mere mention of the tech giant Apple Inc., images of high-end gadgets fill our minds. Due to its immense popularity on a global scale, people only focus on the technical devices of the company. What they fail to notice is that the tech giant is willing to explore its options in other sectors as well. There have been times wherein the company has used the sale of its products for a good cause. The latest aim of Apple is to establish a reputation in the healthcare department as well. In order to make this possible, the establishment of an Apple healthcare unit is underway.

This move by Apple is to expand itself in terms of healthcare clinics. For this, the company is considering the acquisition of one such startup called Crossover Health. This startup mainly focuses on collaborating with big employers. After doing so, it runs on-site medical clinics in big offices. This means that it provides services to employers who wish to provide wellness and medical services at the workplace. Apple has been a client of this startup along with Facebook. Intrigued by the concept, the tech giant thought that this acquisition will be beneficial for the Apple healthcare department.

Apple healthcare

The establishment of an Apple healthcare unit is underway.

Crossover Health might set up the Apple healthcare unit

Despite being a startup which provides medical services, Crossover Health is a well-known name in the Silicon Valley. It has its offices set up in Bay Area and New York. Apart from services within the campus, it also offers digital features such as booking same day appointments through its app. Apple healthcare has been in talks with the startup since months but there was no progress. After this, Apple had also approached another such firm called One Medical. Β But it seems that Apple is keener to collaborate with Crossover Health. The officials of both the companies have refused to comment.

It is not yet clear about the kind of Apple healthcare unit which we might witness. The tech giant has been planning for over a year to expand itself in this field. It might set up its own network of clinics catering to primary care. If this does not materialize, Apple may also partner with the existing players in the field. There are speculations that the move might improve the credibility of certain apps and the Apple watch.

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